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Courtesy of Singer’s Room (<–Click on the name to be connected to the link): This is a link with the dimensions of some of today’s Most Amazing Amazon’s in Entertainment today! I had to share it with the other admirers out there who are fans who see their beauty but didn’t know how these brick houses were built! A PLETHORA of females didn’t get posted but doesn’t mean they ain’t Hotcakin it! (Paula Patton, Jennifer Hudson, Jackie-O… Plus Rihanna gettin thick to with NO offense meant that baby!)

In fact, a few of ‘em in the group need to get together and make a “Ladies Night 2” track. Why not? When the music’s bangin’, it’s like a signal goes out to em like “Bring Em Out – Bring Em Out!!!

Courtesy Pageslap –> Eggo My Lego Waffles (I thought it was kinda comical myself.)

I thought it was kinda comical myself. -Z


If the  title doesn’t say it….

How about “Shots-Shots… “Shots-Shots”… I’d be her “pitbull”, ANY-day. I’ve seen models times before, but she made a me really research what’s really good in the modeling and photography industry. In her case, it’s.. Goin… Down! While viewing Marisa Elise (M.E. of your “flashy”) photo shoot documentaries, I did notice other people there making contributing efforts in order to present to the V6 (WWW) a finished, well polished, and in a good number of cases, well oiled, product known as Ms. Marisa Elise… M.E. of your “flashy”.

A strong shout out to Imported Eye Candy Studios for doing just that with Marisa: Importing the Eye Candy! Check em out at It’s a website with a sexy ambience to it, to include those of Marisa herself.

-ZAK ( inkjar)

My Gaaaud she’s fine… 

Her beauty continues to grow on me… And every photo of her I view, Im more drawn into the fact of how incredibly photgenic she is. She’s loke “Art in Motion”!  I ain’t mad at the man who’s wifin her up… KUDOS!!!

 The Diamond-Bed

Sexiness On The Prowl

Marisa Elise… This woman has to be the sexiest model in music entertainment today. She accomplishes this feat almost effortlessly, making love to the lens and it has been captured numerous times on the web. The Washington DC native has appeared in a a wide variety photo delights and video vibrants!  The pic above is courtesy of Funkmaster Flex’s website which is one of many to include Import Eye Candy’s mouth-watering photospreads, a prime favorite. Don’t just take my word… Eat for yourself!                                                                                                          -ZAK

“She keeps my engine gunnin..

And I ain’t runnin!

She don’t have to do a bike trick..

This chick is STUNN-TInN!!!”

“The dunk on her body …is what sells this Ducati.

You feel me.. She pops it like a wheely -Gaaaahd-Ly!!!

Super Model -- Natural Beauty