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It’s been an IN-CREDIBLE past week and though I was anxious to get it out… I didn’t wanna rush it gorgeous.
I DEF-initely want you to get something out of it too… I ain’t selfish, but I am Self-Fit!

We already in February… I mean damn! The year be over with next month! LOL
I swear that’s how 2011 went! And for 2012, February’s extended, it’s a leap year…
And just over the weekend, I was bout ready to leap on somebody’s ass (INSTEAD OF IN SUM), for attempting to deny my right to walk through any public facility I so choose to without being harassed… ESPECIALLY by those whose ass is on their shoulders! So there I was, posted up outside a particular facility awaiting some information about a career fair when…

Mister “Ass-Hill Rolley-Polley”..

“Slob Theez & Hush” or

“Git Punched In the Face or Denture-a”….

TELLS ME I can’t attend this function. I mean, dude was soooo ready, and adamant, to put a man down instead of lifting him up. “Not dressed like that”, he claimed, so readily offering rebuttals instead of solutions for the here and now. ESPECIALLY when employment opportunities are like stars and good women: FAR and FEW!  If that’s how you operate here, then today should be your last day I should get your position: HATAR! Why the ones who actually WORK, get caught up with the BS?!

Aside from that discouraging moment, form a social outlook in itself, the elements have been working at its finest! It’s damn near Spring and that means the Ladies will be “Or-or-orn” their Look Good all day every! Saturday, the weather was inviting,the malls and streets were packed with who and what? Them W-B’s: Women and shopping Bags! Atleast that’s what I was watching for! Damn looking at another hard leg, I’m trying to get it like YOU!
So there I am… While eating my bags of Onion Rings, I saw many “onions in rings”,  cliques of chicks… And I am in delight that this was the preamble of what was to come over the next few weeks, at an even greater array:

Flawless hair styles, “Panti”-fic perfumes and body sprays in float; Alluring, form-fitting and awe-inspired attire; Flourishing and flamboyant footwear; Beautiful smiles and seductively fun laughter… Daaayyyuum! Where are we, what month are we in again?!

Looking forward, couple flicks on the big screen out that you need to catch, like  Denzel Washington in “Safe House”- I can already see it’s another award winning role he’s going to rock out as usual. That’s what he do!!! Tyler Perry’s marketing campaign for his new movie “Good Deeds” has been incredibly strategized throughout the city and I am interested to see the hype behind such a well advertised feature. Star Wars is back on the Big Screen! You might be like “Again”, but EH?!… It’s 3D though!!!  Yet, some of them folks in there are scary enough in regular two-dimensional view.

Valentines Day is approaching and what can be said but if you got somebody, you fortunate! In fact, bless em every day up to the day… Get her a flower or a card… Make a reason for going to QTs…  And who knows, you might wanna keep doing it! And If you don’t have somebody, Hold Your Head Up!
STILL: C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-E !!!
Even if your lacking the TLC I can relate, in fact, I miss ’em too!!!
Lovin yourself is hardwork… BUT somebody gotta do it:
Why Not You?

ON THAT –> I’M GON’!    -ZAK

P.S.> Oh yea, a H.@.T.S. Off (Holla @The Streets) to D&B at Back2BIZ….
And to the team players, REAL fans, and winners of the New York Giants, the 2012 Superbowl Champs (Had Brady shook like Mobb Deep ’95!)


I was JUST at the spot (Banana Wind) tryin to wind  down from the week a bit. Enroute, I picked up a bag of those new Hot flavored Onion Rings, stopped through Legends Barbershop on Alabama Ave. and picked up a recent copy of RollingOut. Terrance Howard, whose televison film credits include “The Jacksons: An American Dream” and “Ray” was GQin’ the cover.

So there I was, eatig rice and peas from the restaurant FootPrints adjacent to the location, sipping Ciroc reading about the controversy surrounding George Lucas’ efforts to find funding to support for the movie project Red Tails ,which was described by several sources to include, as a project of passion. The story line details the history, or rather the strategic efforts of the Tuskegee Airmen, an elite, African-American fighter squadron of the 15th Airforce. The focus was said to be more so about their heroic efforts and not so much the barriers overcome of segregation in Armed Forces.It’s said Lucus forked out somewhere between $50 -$100 million out-the-pocket to see this thing come to life. Eventually, 20th Cenury Fox later got onboard for distribution. Let it be known that yea, G. Lucus GOT money, if it’s even justifable to call it that when you consider the generated revenues of all the new Star Wars episodes. BUT, here’s my dilemma….

How is it Lucas would experience a problem with Hollywood financiers wth funding a film about about the history that helped mold this nation? And he’s a Vietnam Vet. I bet “Saving Private Ryan” with Tom Hanks didn’t get any slack with funding, and he didn’t even serve in the miltary. In fact, he didn’t even show up to be pinned an “honorary” U.S .Ranger… Huh?!

Bruce Willis too – he ain’t served! And I like Bruce Willis, particulary for playing the numerous military-oriented roles which I bet  experienced no probem with financing. I’m just pointing out what is known and has been put out by others that black film is subjected to so much bullISHT criticism and as a result fading from the big screen.  They’ll make a movie bout some bullISHT in a minute. Flying dragons, tslking dogs, castles with gargoyles, kiddie-ass magicians… And honestly, alot of these plots lately have been really lame. But a film about real content, are far and few.

I mean, I’ll get over it-HAVE TO! But it’s sad when the face of ignorance peeks thorugh the veil of everday. I’m not picking out pieces, just trying to understand this puzzle. You have to read the story yourself. Click the link here or above: 

Til Next Time… Stay Fly 4eva!