“The sky is falling, but yet my “FLY” ain’t fallen”…

Reaching out for greater strength, but yet whoami calling?

So often then the out-look is dim, so I must illuminate…

Survive and die inhaling AirGas and can’t pump the breaks.

“I can be in two diff‘rent places at one time….”

My “A GaMe  is on from sea level to the rise.

Long time coming or better yet I’ve been away…

Follow cups in any forecast; Light bright to  gray.

Where am I today or yet where will I be tomorrow…

Somewhere breathin’ in life and on exhale script a Picasso.

Seen alotta things… And heard alotta ISH

Pre-historic attitudes with big bones to pick!

My mindset is construction -Crane style so get a grip.

->So please forgive me for the fortress I made from the sticks, stones and bricks.

“Satisfaction “Yea their T’eed”; Tiger Hood throw’s them the birdie…

“Hate-On Collider but I’m a rider with all four horses on this  Journeeeey!