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Courtesy of Singer’s Room (<–Click on the name to be connected to the link): This is a link with the dimensions of some of today’s Most Amazing Amazon’s in Entertainment today! I had to share it with the other admirers out there who are fans who see their beauty but didn’t know how these brick houses were built! A PLETHORA of females didn’t get posted but doesn’t mean they ain’t Hotcakin it! (Paula Patton, Jennifer Hudson, Jackie-O… Plus Rihanna gettin thick to with NO offense meant that baby!)

In fact, a few of ‘em in the group need to get together and make a “Ladies Night 2” track. Why not? When the music’s bangin’, it’s like a signal goes out to em like “Bring Em Out – Bring Em Out!!!

Courtesy Pageslap –> Eggo My Lego Waffles (I thought it was kinda comical myself.)

I thought it was kinda comical myself. -Z


It’s a New, NEW Year…
The first few days of 2012 in Atlanta were so unpredictable, that’s a given.
The 1st was was like indian summer; A warm afternoon with plenty of sunshine and offered alot of hope and wishful thinking
of a mild winter where there would be tempeartures in the 50-60 degree range. This would be ideal for a number of businesses.
And with new season is afoot the natives are restless, hungry for success in the new era… Speaking of which, I need a new fitted.

The 2nd was ridiculously breezy, no Covergirl. The day time winds were cold as a broken hearted woman on Jack Frost’s lap! Brr! The only warmth was from the voice from this stallion of a woman I met recently picking up her phone to talk to Yung! And she’s Grade A-Dean’s List! The offset, was honey at MickD’s who really wasn’t trying to give me her number. I told her I was about building something for the new year, and input was good. She responded, though she made several attempt not to give eye
contact too long yet her interest was peaked from the approach. She explained her situ-AAA-tion… AND declined. It’s OK…
Maybe next time, when she doesn’t have her face buried in apple pies.

The 3rd was like “Ground Hogs” day for the haters… Huh, I mean they showed up and showed out EARLY! Had to lay they shovel on ’em REAL quick though, just to be in sync with what we are dealing with on a day to day: IG’NANCE; Nothing new, just cycles! And I’m certain it wasn’t me, considering how hectic organization has been. I sat up the night before preparing another piece and fighting with a heater which had a short, really a full blown gash in the power cord. My only options were freeze from the 20 below temps outside or pull some “A-Team, B.A. Barrackus” move, finding a penny to fill the gash and wrap it it with electrical tape. Outcome: I got on with my B.A.! (Note: Kids Don’t Try This @ Home & Stay in School!)

The 4th day I was on my EPMD -Back to Business. Checking into the Duebla-Vey (The “W”-Westwood) to get isht right for the upcoming spring semester… And I STILL don’t have a major, only a release! LOL

But through it all, I was excited to have the opp again to communicate across the W3, one of my favorite hang out spots aside from local premises like The Underground (Banana Wind, You the Star, Happy Feet -Stand Up!), Lenox, the Library… Or walking through Centenniel to watch hunnies ice skate, all of which I found myself prior to New Years. Nonetheless, it’s good to be back at it again.

I’m looking forward to new advances in fashion, music, technology, and politics. With Obeezy beasting it out baggin and taggin bin Laden and bringing troops home, every tech giant pushing tablets, crazy collabo’s, women’s rooster-head cuts and heels -with no heels… WTF?!  I mean… What’s really left under the cork?!

Whateva it is I’m trying to stay abreast (Huh… breasts)… For Richer or Poorer…     For it’s Sickness (Eew!) and Hell-th(That fye)! But with sketchy forecasts and our own familiarity, here are…

“My Top $5 Things To Look For in 2012” :
1. The New Season of “The Game”: If you’ve never seen it, quit playin: B-E-T!
2.Ice Cube’s newest Friday movie (What’s it called, “Friday 2weeks from Now”… Seriously, I DON’T KNOW!)
3.The return of “In Living Colour” with Jamie Foxx; The original launched careers; Carey, Foxx himself, the Wayans of course!
4.The iPhone or iPad to start walking, whichever first.
5. Spring Break and Summer 2012 Concert Series.

Top 5 Possibles of 2012:
1. Another Transformers Movie; Some top bots that haven’t hit the big screen yet, like the big homie Grimlock! And Tyrese should be a Captain by now… Promote a brother!
2. Another Scarface Album (A track with him and Bun B. would be torch right now!)                                                                                                            3.The cure for AIDS released to the public… Lets just promise not to take advantage! 4.Tickets to the BET Music Awards (I’ma Holla at EVERYTHING movin’ -Business n     Buscuits (Hello ME)!                                                                                                                                                   5. Alien Life. Finding these new planets and no life, come on now! Lol

Aeh, class’s started… Top Grade People!!!!

-ZAK Inkjar