Can I touch you right there Sexy?!

It’s not a trick question… But having dollars to “make it rain” at entertainment venues from your local bar to an exclusive night club can make A-A-ALL the difference regarding what kind of night you have. A coupe drinks or a bottle could get you a phone number … At least… Maybe.  Again depends upon the type of venue. That may not have been the ideal example to start with, but it was a play on wording. A little bit of humor for the flow of the paper.

What I find the bigger issue is how do you define better? We have already established “you” as being oneself or another. But better can sway different directions. Money can make you, or someone else, in a better position to take of issues pertaining to his or her life that require just that, money. Can’t pay your phone bill, it gets cut off and now you can’t stay in contact with family, friends, loved ones, job leads, business contacts, or any and everything that requires you to have a phone line. These days, particularly with cell phones with smartphone technology, you don’t just lose touch with people and voices, but the digital world and lifestyle as a whole. You can’t access “cloud corners” and sync between FB, Twitter, Flicker, and the like.

But pay your bill, and you still have access to checking up or in with fam, you can get at the hunny whom you waited patiently to get the number from, you can probe new career opportunities, follow up on a job lead, call the radio station and make a request… And you’re still connected to the V6 too! Or consider have no money to pay for a birthday party or a simple f*&%g gift ? That’s ass. Or having just enough in your pocket to make it a few days to weeks and you’re getting let go from your “place of employment”. That’s some rocky mess. But with money, stable income really, that can be water under the bridge.

Having money can also make one worse, the complete opposite. How, I really don’t know or can elaborate on particularly. Again, any means of elaborating, be it speaking or writing, my source is from my own perspective and know I need money to better improve the conditions of how and where live, how I take care of family, and fulfill the other inadequacies I face… How am I going to stay in school when I am either in the streets, the shelters, some abandoned garage or gas station, or anywhere else there are at least 4 walls to keep warm… Huh, from the right chick, two would be fiiine! LOL There goes that humor again. But speaking on that note, if I can’t even put gas in a chick’s gas tank, even $10, when I know prices are high as the sun itself… How I’m going to expect her to come scoop me up->I don’t drive. ? Right now, I’m a MARTA Man, and there are times I am proud of it! And at others, like accessing job opportunities beyond its accessible routes, it becomes limited as any other medium -it just doesn’t work.

Money IS A THANG for me right now and it does affect embetterment of myself economically and in turn takes a toll, wit’ no cookie, upon my social endeavors, as it would anyone else. So for those who struggle to get money as hard as they struggle not to be broke: GET IT HOW YOU LIVE!!!!

Salute to myalteregoinprocess for the pic!