Yes siiir, I’m back at IT again…”

Its been a lil’ while now… But please forgive a man for attempting to “M-better” himself… Matter fact, I was doing just that. I was “A” drift, in my own Schema ‘things! …Experiencing [I/E]nt-erStellar Instances of Indulgence (Ugh!)… Before preparing myself for and working out the dynamics of returning from Space-Camp! Really, been there and back…

Sayin’ “Hood-bye” or “C you later” is never an easy thing, especially when to those who make such an impact. And when we touched down… WE TOUCHED DOWN!

While travelin’ her Gal-Axis Gateway:

There I was, Caught up in the Kor-nuc-opia of her Kisses…

Brushing against the boundaries of herButta-Finger…

The mental massages of her “Milky Way”…

Where a Lemon-Orange gel-Lap-tinous substance Ooo’ozed about me

Suspending ME in ani-Mate-ion, while I lay vibrating thru vectors of Venus.

…All the while, not paying attention as time slipped away-

Second by Second, Minute by Minute, Degree by Degree.

Quite a Bing Bang it was….

Here I am at present, that I can account for at least!

“Mean Green” Time: March 7, 2012. It’s one of the collegiate arena’s top tier events at bay: March Madness! This year, it’s held in New Orleans, and I wouldn’t mind  girl-friend inviting me for Gumbo, Jumbalaya,  or whateva Cajun Cusine she was willin to serve me. “You knooooow…. What can I say!” (Naughty by Nature, 1995)


AT&T got a block party, Coca Cola got bottles corkin’ off, anything can happen!

The next movie I’m trying to catch is “Think Like A Man”, a flick by Sony Pictures that includes a barrage of young talent that include the likes of Micheal Ealy, Teraji P. Henson (…And its STILL hard out here!), And two of my all-time favorite hunnies: Gabrielle Union, and Meagan “It Looks Soo” Good. The last movie I saw her in was “Jumping the Broom”, and she was doin’ he “It Looks Soo” Good thing!

Terrance J is in this one too…  moving on UP in the ‘Park!

You seen the trailer that has Rihanna squeezing off of the plasma cannon?!? Took me a minute to realize it was Battleship. ( ) Conflict between the volatile , vast volumes of oceanic waters and deep space, or is it ?!

Well, the clock reads one thing, and eye another.  Bout to vegg out, recover for lag, and get myself ready for the next GIG and half… I might get 5 hours of sleep.

Signing Off..

“A 1-2, A 1-2”…   Zak Gordon


The week was excruciating, and the weekend was draining…  Recovering from travelin is alwaysexhausting.                         However…Ms. Cherry “Drop on Ben-ted Knee” made it all worthwhile!

 MY LAAAAWD SHE WAS PHENOMINAL! Poised and positioned ever so sharply upon a classic black leather bench, like a missing key on a piano… Hugged in a pearl white, short-sleeved top that wrapped around her mouth-watering, palm-hearty, golden globes… Which were irresistibly evident as one of her collars peeled back just enough to bare glimpse of their softness… Like the gradual peeling of cotton- soft like layers of clouds away from the sun’s bountiful glow. And her shoe game demanded attention, and in fact, wheeled me into her dialogue. Angelic if you will, and radiance that brightened everything in the immediate proximity like an emergency flare…  You might believe I’m exaggerating, but you just had to have bn there!!!

Just as stimulating, but on an entirely diff wavelength, was seeing hundreds of US service members from various posts, work statuses, and jobs. There were men, women, White, Black, Hispanic, and Asian, lined up inside the USO at Hartsfield-Jackson prepping to board their plane for a 15-hour flight to Afghanistan.   I learned that a majority of them had never worked with each other before this particular expedition and were unfamiliar with their background, where they grew up, their favorite color, favorite food, most embarrassing moment, most valuable achievement, most influential person in their life, favorite recording artist, favorite drink… Nothing! But the only thing they can say about the person seated or standing beside him or her is that they were wearing green, just the same as they do. And that’s enough for them to board and unboard a plane, strap up, and walk into the unforeseeable, turbulent, nerve overbearing future called warfare.

This example I’d seen within the few moments I viewed as a model of a lifetime   (Just like honey I’d mentioned earlier –but for real tho’)! I imagine a method where resolving the simplest ideas were as easily it is to breathe. And defining or dealing more complex issues would then be like swimming.                                                                                If I don’t understand you… How can I make a plan with you?!  And I wasn’t even tryin to rhime… It just goes together, fits in place!

And that applies to the next individual, or group, or unit, or organization, and upwards!

My Momz told me…

Whether you believe in:

Jesus or Amoebas…

Mary or Fairies…

Kharma or the Stars Up (Astrology, Zodiac, etc.)

Koda or Schroeder (Silver Spoons)

Allah or Tah-daaaah (Magic)…..

It’s about Growth, and Time is really on no man or women’s wrist.


It was 1985 when

Whitney Houston

(8/9/1963 – 2/11/2012)

expressed her feelings through song that “children are the future”, a statement iconically voiced in the #1 Billboard smash “Greatest Love of All”. And as it was then a challenge for youth to become hopeful and positive for that unseen future with momentous and inspiring events such as Arthur Ashe is named to International Tennis Hall of Fame, Michael Jordan named NBA Rookie of Year, Michael Jackson buys ATV Music (every Beatle songs) for $47 million, ABC Sports announcing sportscaster Howard Cosell will no longer be providing television commentary on this day in history, and warring Lebanese Moslem & Christian leaders sign peace agreement; efforts to establish an world for children to develop into “healthy” human beings is an ongoing battle. But improvements in the areas of technology have made earth-shaking impacts in the growth of young minds, offering rich advantages to those who desire and are able to embrace the digital dimension. ut with these ideas at foot, there are the unfortunate circumstances that surface due to inhuman, cruel intentions that can stem from the hearts of men(women).


For instance, Meagan Meyer was a 13 year old who was mislead into believing someone whom she met online, a boy, was interested in her. When she received word that he was not, or rather rejected further interest in being her friend, she hung herself in her bedroom closet. Her mother found her body several moments following the suicide, calling police yet her young soul had left her body leaving many, to include her parents and investigators with many questions.


What was even more misleading was the fact that the boy actually didn’t exist. He identity was a MySpace page created by adult neighbors who lived in the same neighborhood, in fact several homes away, and were in fact familiar with the Meier family. They claim that they used this fake profile to somehow boost Meagan’s self esteem and confidence, which was a poor choice of method to use. If anything, positive reinforcement from REAL family and friends is always the best solution. Other means leaves the possibility of confusion, which can easily, as this situation displays, grow beyond the management.


Knowledge of adult participation in the matters leading to Meagan’s death came to surface by another parent, who says her daughter was invited to participate in slandering Meagan’s image. The daughter, while in a carpool, had knowledge of the faulty account and at the same time believed it was okay since the adults were doing it.  The same adults admit to creating the fake account to find out what was supposedly being said about her own daughter by Meagan.


There were no charges brought against that family posing as the boy. Yet there have been an attempts to link the family with wire fraud, which I originally believed only related to monetary values. But following review of the USAM Title 9 Criminal Resource Manual (CRM) 941, the medium for wire fraud not only has to involve interstate telephone or electronic communication (941 18 U.S.C. 1342), the loss doesn’t have to only involve or is limited to money (972).


Arguments could surface involving CRM 941 18 U.S.C. 1342 where it stipulates interstate communication where (CRM 953) states there is no offense if the wire communications are intrastate. That could be countered by using a computer network utility or program (traceroute) to observe data or frame packets traversing a network or loss. Should one happen to leave the state, then here is your interstate wire communication violation in reference to (941 18 U.S.C. 1342). The parents who set up the fake account should be charged with child endangerment for coercing the child’s participation in a cyber-bullying, and apply cyber-stalking charges to the adults.


I commend the parents for actively taking part in their child’s online activity, especially on social networks where the interaction where the profiles of individuals spans multiple age groups and ethnic backgrounds. It’s unfortunate what happened to their daughter and it’s possible to occur within any home in the United States. Though technology is a powerful tool, it’s wielding forces are continuously needing to be improved



Pics Courtesy of

“Meagan Meier’s Story.” N.D. N.P.


“Stop Cyber-Bullying.” N.D. N.P.


“Office of the United States Attorneys”



Exploring The Past.

(Copyright 2012). Historical Events Happened in 1985[Data file]. Retrieved from

****NOTE: THIS IS FOR SHEER COMEDIC ENTERTAINMENT: I AM FANS OF BOTH: H.A.T.S. (Holla @ The Streets –Wassup!) Off to Both Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade)!****

So there I was coming down off a high, attempting to recover from jet lag

I’m strolling through the Hartsfield Jackson Int’l airport and low and behold: What is this I see? It’s you…

And your on the cover of the magazine… With Him (Snifle-sniffle)!  

And it even said yall are dating now, possibly in love?… Did I miss somethin?…Well, I MUST HAVE!?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         I mean sure, I DID… No: “I DO”… 5 times… And that’s on  Jeezy, Jay, & Andre 3 Stacks!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Is this TRUE? Huh?! I mean, what about US ?                     What about what WE had… ?!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  I know we haven’t spoken in a while, but you don’t do it like THAT!

No letter, email, phone call: NOTHIN! And to think, I was all ready to “BRING IT ON” too…. Andgive you the time of your LIIIIFE! –> Valentine’s: “The Perfect Holiday”! Now look what you did?! LOOK-IT!                                                                                         Sorry to raise my voice baby, but… But it just H-E-R-T-Z so baaaad (Ouch ouch Ooooowch!)!!!! I though I was your “Bad Boy”…. Huuuuh?! What happened to alla dat?                                                                                                                              It was suppose to be ME & Yooooou: Breakin ALL The Rules!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               From the “Cradle to the Grave”…. (Sniffle-sniffle)… We coulda been like “Honeymooners”?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         But see… See, you messed all that up gurl! It’s all messed Uuuuup!

I know you like to do it big… Ball outta control; Champion-sh!t… But you ain’t say “Miami Heat Big”?!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Now what I ‘pose to do now with that?! I know: I’ma start by taking you off my screensaver!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Huh?!?! How you do that thea: I knoooow you see it!! (OK. Okay… honestly, I did that like over a year ago… But you were still a vision of display !!!! ) No?!?!?

Know what?! I cain’t compete with that… No, I WON’T compete with that: I have the Power woman, I just gave you Access: GRANTED and DENIED! Uuuuugh!                                                                                                                        But we ALL adults so, I’ma let you go. No… No, please don’t tug on my polo shirt, I just got through laundry day but yet I am the one here pressed.                                                                                                                                                     (Sniffle-sniffle) I  just gotta let you go girl! It may not be the right thing to do, but it seems like the best thing to do…”A Good Deed”, from the heart.

I’m so sorry, please… Please. No let go! (In a Loud-whispering, whimper-breaking tone): Good-Bye!    

****NOTE: THIS IS FOR SHEER COMEDIC ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES: I AM FANS OF BOTH: H.A.T.S. (Holla @ The Streets –Wassup!) Off to Both Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade)!****

****Pics Courtesy of Essence Magazine online and

So there I was coming down off a high, attempting to recover from jet lag… I’m strolling through the Hartsfield Jackson Int’l airport and low and behold: What is this I see? It’s you…                                                                                                                              And your on the cover of the magazine… With Him (Snifle-sniffle)!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           And it’s in said yall are dating now, possibly in love?… Did I miss somethin?…Well, I MUST HAVE!?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     I mean sure, I DID… No: “I DO”… 5 times, that’s on  Jeezy, Jay, & Andre 3 Stacks!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Is this TRUE? Huh?! I mean, what about US? What about what WE had… ?!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                I know we haven’t spoken in a while, but you don’t do it like THAT!

No letter, email, phone call: NOTHIN! And to think, I was all ready to “BRING IT ON” too…. Andgive you the time of your LIIIIFE! –> Valentine’s: “The Perfect Holiday”! Now look what you did?! LOOK-IT!                                                                                         Sorry to raise my voice baby, but… But it just H-E-R-T-Z so baaaad (Ouch ouch Ooooowch!)!!!! I though I was your “Bad Boy”…. Huuuuh?! What happened to alla dat?                                                                                                                              It was suppose to be ME & Yooooou: Breakin ALL The Rules!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               From the “Cradle to the Grave”…. (Sniffle-sniffle)… We coulda been like “Honeymooners”?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         But see… See, you messed all that up gurl! It’s all messed Uuuuup!

I know you liek to do it big and like to git it popping but… You ain’t say “Miami Heat Big”?! Now what I ‘pose to do now ?!

To my first friend, my first beef, and One of the 1st channels of support I can remember. Thanks for being there and accepting me… Love YOU SIS!!!!           -ZAK

I remember when momma needed time to vent…

Play campin trip using the sofa and blankets to make a tent!

Playin Radio DJ with Grand Ma’s recorder…

You were the first of the family to take hold of my daugher!

But this day’s about you, and I wish you many more…

My very first fan and inspiration to get out the door!

And though at many times I swore you were spoiled rotten…

You really the only one I had and couldn’t be forgotten!


I’ll do the same to salute ya… ANY-THING I CAN DO TO BOOST THE…

Spirit as you’ve done for me, thinkin on the past…

Helped me  sneak shawty out house when I was trying to git some a$$….

Be safe out there tonite, cause the evils are always on standby…

Take reference from my life embrace Zombies so I feel I can’t die…

Blow out the candles… Pop you a bottle….



It’s been an IN-CREDIBLE past week and though I was anxious to get it out… I didn’t wanna rush it gorgeous.
I DEF-initely want you to get something out of it too… I ain’t selfish, but I am Self-Fit!

We already in February… I mean damn! The year be over with next month! LOL
I swear that’s how 2011 went! And for 2012, February’s extended, it’s a leap year…
And just over the weekend, I was bout ready to leap on somebody’s ass (INSTEAD OF IN SUM), for attempting to deny my right to walk through any public facility I so choose to without being harassed… ESPECIALLY by those whose ass is on their shoulders! So there I was, posted up outside a particular facility awaiting some information about a career fair when…

Mister “Ass-Hill Rolley-Polley”..

“Slob Theez & Hush” or

“Git Punched In the Face or Denture-a”….

TELLS ME I can’t attend this function. I mean, dude was soooo ready, and adamant, to put a man down instead of lifting him up. “Not dressed like that”, he claimed, so readily offering rebuttals instead of solutions for the here and now. ESPECIALLY when employment opportunities are like stars and good women: FAR and FEW!  If that’s how you operate here, then today should be your last day I should get your position: HATAR! Why the ones who actually WORK, get caught up with the BS?!

Aside from that discouraging moment, form a social outlook in itself, the elements have been working at its finest! It’s damn near Spring and that means the Ladies will be “Or-or-orn” their Look Good all day every! Saturday, the weather was inviting,the malls and streets were packed with who and what? Them W-B’s: Women and shopping Bags! Atleast that’s what I was watching for! Damn looking at another hard leg, I’m trying to get it like YOU!
So there I am… While eating my bags of Onion Rings, I saw many “onions in rings”,  cliques of chicks… And I am in delight that this was the preamble of what was to come over the next few weeks, at an even greater array:

Flawless hair styles, “Panti”-fic perfumes and body sprays in float; Alluring, form-fitting and awe-inspired attire; Flourishing and flamboyant footwear; Beautiful smiles and seductively fun laughter… Daaayyyuum! Where are we, what month are we in again?!

Looking forward, couple flicks on the big screen out that you need to catch, like  Denzel Washington in “Safe House”- I can already see it’s another award winning role he’s going to rock out as usual. That’s what he do!!! Tyler Perry’s marketing campaign for his new movie “Good Deeds” has been incredibly strategized throughout the city and I am interested to see the hype behind such a well advertised feature. Star Wars is back on the Big Screen! You might be like “Again”, but EH?!… It’s 3D though!!!  Yet, some of them folks in there are scary enough in regular two-dimensional view.

Valentines Day is approaching and what can be said but if you got somebody, you fortunate! In fact, bless em every day up to the day… Get her a flower or a card… Make a reason for going to QTs…  And who knows, you might wanna keep doing it! And If you don’t have somebody, Hold Your Head Up!
STILL: C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-E !!!
Even if your lacking the TLC I can relate, in fact, I miss ’em too!!!
Lovin yourself is hardwork… BUT somebody gotta do it:
Why Not You?

ON THAT –> I’M GON’!    -ZAK

P.S.> Oh yea, a H.@.T.S. Off (Holla @The Streets) to D&B at Back2BIZ….
And to the team players, REAL fans, and winners of the New York Giants, the 2012 Superbowl Champs (Had Brady shook like Mobb Deep ’95!)

“He who believes that new benefits will call cause great personages to forget old injuries is deceived….”

-Niccolo Machievelli

The 1st month of the year is just about at a close. Aside from a couple of folks whom shared their expectations, I went into 2012 without making ANY resolutions. Commonly its basis is the improvement on mistakes  made within the previous 12 months. Needless to say, it’s common to seek improvement because the need and desire for growth are necessary.

The quote above brought me into immediate dawning of reflection of choices I’ve made in the past: the good, the bad, and the unknown. What I took away was that the past is a point of reference of how to (&&) how not to do somethings. Failure in the past doesn’t necessarily mean failure in future efforts, just that the particular steps taken may not be the ones to follow going forward. You don’t want to second guess yourself, but you do want to make indigestible choices. The feelings of pain of discomfort pass if you want them to. And a valuable first step is wanting to move forward!

I see life as the unfolding of the current state of circumstances of choices or decisions from the past. Not a dictionary definition but it works for me. Choices made can have a domino effect and the impact can leave impressions of various type, “passion marks” or bruises, that last well beyond the relationship themselves. Though changing the past is the impossible (for now), the future is a like a rhime that’s yet to be penned, a book that’s yet to be written, or masterpiece bubblin in the creative juices of the artist yet to be rendered! And to bring matters even more to your favor, you actually can make the difference you seek! Improving conditions of how you live, money, investments… U RUN THAT!

And with this idea, it’s possible to make ammends in all ares of your life: Money, education, relationships with your Ex… F4 real tho! <-LOL.      And it’s not necessarily about being liked by everybody, but handling my affairs (though I didn’t cheat on her, that’s besides the point). And not saying that means rekindling a flame Because HERE is where I AM…


Can I touch you right there Sexy?!

It’s not a trick question… But having dollars to “make it rain” at entertainment venues from your local bar to an exclusive night club can make A-A-ALL the difference regarding what kind of night you have. A coupe drinks or a bottle could get you a phone number … At least… Maybe.  Again depends upon the type of venue. That may not have been the ideal example to start with, but it was a play on wording. A little bit of humor for the flow of the paper.

What I find the bigger issue is how do you define better? We have already established “you” as being oneself or another. But better can sway different directions. Money can make you, or someone else, in a better position to take of issues pertaining to his or her life that require just that, money. Can’t pay your phone bill, it gets cut off and now you can’t stay in contact with family, friends, loved ones, job leads, business contacts, or any and everything that requires you to have a phone line. These days, particularly with cell phones with smartphone technology, you don’t just lose touch with people and voices, but the digital world and lifestyle as a whole. You can’t access “cloud corners” and sync between FB, Twitter, Flicker, and the like.

But pay your bill, and you still have access to checking up or in with fam, you can get at the hunny whom you waited patiently to get the number from, you can probe new career opportunities, follow up on a job lead, call the radio station and make a request… And you’re still connected to the V6 too! Or consider have no money to pay for a birthday party or a simple f*&%g gift ? That’s ass. Or having just enough in your pocket to make it a few days to weeks and you’re getting let go from your “place of employment”. That’s some rocky mess. But with money, stable income really, that can be water under the bridge.

Having money can also make one worse, the complete opposite. How, I really don’t know or can elaborate on particularly. Again, any means of elaborating, be it speaking or writing, my source is from my own perspective and know I need money to better improve the conditions of how and where live, how I take care of family, and fulfill the other inadequacies I face… How am I going to stay in school when I am either in the streets, the shelters, some abandoned garage or gas station, or anywhere else there are at least 4 walls to keep warm… Huh, from the right chick, two would be fiiine! LOL There goes that humor again. But speaking on that note, if I can’t even put gas in a chick’s gas tank, even $10, when I know prices are high as the sun itself… How I’m going to expect her to come scoop me up->I don’t drive. ? Right now, I’m a MARTA Man, and there are times I am proud of it! And at others, like accessing job opportunities beyond its accessible routes, it becomes limited as any other medium -it just doesn’t work.

Money IS A THANG for me right now and it does affect embetterment of myself economically and in turn takes a toll, wit’ no cookie, upon my social endeavors, as it would anyone else. So for those who struggle to get money as hard as they struggle not to be broke: GET IT HOW YOU LIVE!!!!

Salute to myalteregoinprocess for the pic!

Courtesy of Singer’s Room (<–Click on the name to be connected to the link): This is a link with the dimensions of some of today’s Most Amazing Amazon’s in Entertainment today! I had to share it with the other admirers out there who are fans who see their beauty but didn’t know how these brick houses were built! A PLETHORA of females didn’t get posted but doesn’t mean they ain’t Hotcakin it! (Paula Patton, Jennifer Hudson, Jackie-O… Plus Rihanna gettin thick to with NO offense meant that baby!)

In fact, a few of ‘em in the group need to get together and make a “Ladies Night 2” track. Why not? When the music’s bangin’, it’s like a signal goes out to em like “Bring Em Out – Bring Em Out!!!

Courtesy Pageslap –> Eggo My Lego Waffles (I thought it was kinda comical myself.)

I thought it was kinda comical myself. -Z