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I decided to pour it up in Kenny’s Alley at Underground Atlanta following a week of drillin out finals, I rashed on the keyboard. Banana Winds was just that… Banana’s. Me and the Unit exchanged salutations and went 151st in… Front line shit with with attractive bartenders and invites who perused through. Especially gorgeous with the Runway Waltz! It was another way to play in the A before making a trip I was certain to follow the next day!

After leaving the Underground bunker, I scurried to the MARTA 5 points station to await the1st railcar of the morning, maybe pick -up a hot cup of java, and skip to the bus depot. Still feeling the beats as they echoed in my head, particularly that 2Chains banger; I mean in deep motion, rockin like Grimlock to the almost hypnotic motivative incantation of (“I’m Ridin Round & I’m Gettin It”)**3 / It’s Mine – I Spend It”… Then somewhere midway of this wave-ridin, I feel off the train platform smash into the train track!!! I landed Hip 1st, go figure?! LMAO… Yes, I literally did just that when I got up! Funny thinkin ’bout it now. SO, climbing back onto the 5 Points platform, two Atlanta cops came and “politely” escorted me off the premises ’til the trains started again! The charge: you figure it out!

Since this little tumble, all I could do is try to recover. I got several massages, none like what I used to get back in Korea… I damn near live on Pusan Beach! But overall, it’s coming along good and making a speedy recovery. While relaxing at the neighbors, I caught the MTV’s HipHop POV show. I likes that right there, right there. 1st time catchin it since the astroplanin incidents. But all the hosts held star studded appeal, the interviews with Akon, Weezy, and ironically, 2Chains, were tastefully done, and seemed more personal and indepth. It had a grown-up appeal to it! And every time goldie honey chic bus-cuit shook her pretty hair locks, all I could think of was taking  shots! No disrespect Devi Dev, forgive me I am still recovering. And Charlamagne’s on everything these days, splat! Overall, I’m lookin for more on this potential hip-hop one of a kind.

This week, the usual: Class, work, and maybe get this swollen hand checked out… I need to soak it with one of them Majic City Milies. Or how bout them ladies at the “Off the Pole” auditions held this weekend at Kamal’s 21; An up and “coming “reality show about strippers changing the game by changing their life! Who knows, the dynamic is up in the air right now. I’m just tryin to make it with this leg right now! LOL

“But even in pain, We must grind… In order to sustain in heart and mind…” -Godda Get IT!”

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EH, it’s good to see things finally comin’ into order and be back into the business of the day to day! I mean, disruptions from the classroom to the office place; tryin to get a jist and handle on the problematic issues with family, particullary the yungin; And grindin’ it out lookin’ for the next bank heist: Come up, income opportunity, /etc., and so a new config has to be made somehow…  The past few weeks have been completely to the left, no shift intended! (Unless of course, you talkin bout the cash I been soliciting to Google for a new Satellite unit). And speakin’ of Cash ( expressed in the manner like the bad guy in Bad Boys movie), them folks at Goog placed on the iGoog frontpage Nikki Minaj’s “Beez in the Trap. Now cause of class, work, and other isht, this may not be New NU news for some.Aside from the flights, and sending and receiving broadcasts through air-ports, I’ve only been able to marvel at her mural-like cover where she’s been incredibly art-taste-cally portrayed like Lady Guinevere on the recent issue of Vibe. But, the video is S-P-F! The conclusion I’ve drawn is that there won’t be a female artist to come ‘round for a WHILE to surpass her pretty ass! And if there is for ANY reason what-so-Eva a “beef” with her any Lil Kim, of any kind, My perspective is this: Don’t Do That!

Her entire performance was phenomenal. The two-piece swim-suit ensemble was my personal favorite, and harmonized sharply with the “Neon, Git Your Green ON” hairpiece. But the cheetah print scale suit was also an eye catcher, and honestly, it was probably because of the manner she was rollin them hips… I cringed in excitement gawkin at her marmalade motif, flowing like a lava lamp! What chick right now is spittin and simultaneously ARPin(2).?!?!? I need a Nik-Snack!

The club scenes were embodying and what I particularly love bout this vid as well was she displayed the other female’s gloriatric (THAT>IS a real word) features to be displayed.2 Chains not only delivers the bars necessary, he does exactly what you need to do in the company of a chick like this: DO your thang  (Thuggie, Dub-Step or Whateva) and let her modelesque gorgeous ass stand there: And “Roman Be-Hold IT!” (Whooooo!)

P.S>>> While trying to find the right pic to set this article off with, I came across (whoa) a page of colorful, animations called Minajime’ (THAT(2)>IS a real word) @ HY!NICKIMINAJ. Enjoy Yourself.

This is a for a man I’ve seen give his entire being for years following what he believes, the pain that comes with the territory, and not taking into account the effects that would ultimately take toll on his own life!

I see you Tiyae: Keep Strong, I’m Praying for You!









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The week was excruciating, and the weekend was draining…  Recovering from travelin is alwaysexhausting.                         However…Ms. Cherry “Drop on Ben-ted Knee” made it all worthwhile!

 MY LAAAAWD SHE WAS PHENOMINAL! Poised and positioned ever so sharply upon a classic black leather bench, like a missing key on a piano… Hugged in a pearl white, short-sleeved top that wrapped around her mouth-watering, palm-hearty, golden globes… Which were irresistibly evident as one of her collars peeled back just enough to bare glimpse of their softness… Like the gradual peeling of cotton- soft like layers of clouds away from the sun’s bountiful glow. And her shoe game demanded attention, and in fact, wheeled me into her dialogue. Angelic if you will, and radiance that brightened everything in the immediate proximity like an emergency flare…  You might believe I’m exaggerating, but you just had to have bn there!!!

Just as stimulating, but on an entirely diff wavelength, was seeing hundreds of US service members from various posts, work statuses, and jobs. There were men, women, White, Black, Hispanic, and Asian, lined up inside the USO at Hartsfield-Jackson prepping to board their plane for a 15-hour flight to Afghanistan.   I learned that a majority of them had never worked with each other before this particular expedition and were unfamiliar with their background, where they grew up, their favorite color, favorite food, most embarrassing moment, most valuable achievement, most influential person in their life, favorite recording artist, favorite drink… Nothing! But the only thing they can say about the person seated or standing beside him or her is that they were wearing green, just the same as they do. And that’s enough for them to board and unboard a plane, strap up, and walk into the unforeseeable, turbulent, nerve overbearing future called warfare.

This example I’d seen within the few moments I viewed as a model of a lifetime   (Just like honey I’d mentioned earlier –but for real tho’)! I imagine a method where resolving the simplest ideas were as easily it is to breathe. And defining or dealing more complex issues would then be like swimming.                                                                                If I don’t understand you… How can I make a plan with you?!  And I wasn’t even tryin to rhime… It just goes together, fits in place!

And that applies to the next individual, or group, or unit, or organization, and upwards!

My Momz told me…

Whether you believe in:

Jesus or Amoebas…

Mary or Fairies…

Kharma or the Stars Up (Astrology, Zodiac, etc.)

Koda or Schroeder (Silver Spoons)

Allah or Tah-daaaah (Magic)…..

It’s about Growth, and Time is really on no man or women’s wrist.