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Yes siiir, I’m back at IT again…”

Its been a lil’ while now… But please forgive a man for attempting to “M-better” himself… Matter fact, I was doing just that. I was “A” drift, in my own Schema ‘things! …Experiencing [I/E]nt-erStellar Instances of Indulgence (Ugh!)… Before preparing myself for and working out the dynamics of returning from Space-Camp! Really, been there and back…

Sayin’ “Hood-bye” or “C you later” is never an easy thing, especially when to those who make such an impact. And when we touched down… WE TOUCHED DOWN!

While travelin’ her Gal-Axis Gateway:

There I was, Caught up in the Kor-nuc-opia of her Kisses…

Brushing against the boundaries of herButta-Finger…

The mental massages of her “Milky Way”…

Where a Lemon-Orange gel-Lap-tinous substance Ooo’ozed about me

Suspending ME in ani-Mate-ion, while I lay vibrating thru vectors of Venus.

…All the while, not paying attention as time slipped away-

Second by Second, Minute by Minute, Degree by Degree.

Quite a Bing Bang it was….

Here I am at present, that I can account for at least!

“Mean Green” Time: March 7, 2012. It’s one of the collegiate arena’s top tier events at bay: March Madness! This year, it’s held in New Orleans, and I wouldn’t mind  girl-friend inviting me for Gumbo, Jumbalaya,  or whateva Cajun Cusine she was willin to serve me. “You knooooow…. What can I say!” (Naughty by Nature, 1995)


AT&T got a block party, Coca Cola got bottles corkin’ off, anything can happen!

The next movie I’m trying to catch is “Think Like A Man”, a flick by Sony Pictures that includes a barrage of young talent that include the likes of Micheal Ealy, Teraji P. Henson (…And its STILL hard out here!), And two of my all-time favorite hunnies: Gabrielle Union, and Meagan “It Looks Soo” Good. The last movie I saw her in was “Jumping the Broom”, and she was doin’ he “It Looks Soo” Good thing!

Terrance J is in this one too…  moving on UP in the ‘Park!

You seen the trailer that has Rihanna squeezing off of the plasma cannon?!? Took me a minute to realize it was Battleship. ( ) Conflict between the volatile , vast volumes of oceanic waters and deep space, or is it ?!

Well, the clock reads one thing, and eye another.  Bout to vegg out, recover for lag, and get myself ready for the next GIG and half… I might get 5 hours of sleep.

Signing Off..

“A 1-2, A 1-2”…   Zak Gordon


Balance can be a difficult thing when you consider the parallels that an someone has to uphold:

(1.) Individual identity; (2.) One of a parent with the day to day challenges it embodies making decisions you can live with as the primary care provider(s);  (3.) As a cornerstone member of a family whom other members look towards for mental and/or spiritual support and reinforcement of ideals; (4.) That of professional and maintaining a particular acumen acknowledged in their industry.

But Sexy Lady, Slide ova this direction… Balance that pretty thang on these: The Nappa Peep Toe by Giuseppe Zanotti…

Its a balancing act in itself.                                                                                 Due for release Februry 2012, they are “On-Time Gone Time” for the excitement of the Spring Break festivities!

This dosage is recommened for either denim paint or petals(Aaaaooooowww)! Ladies, I know you can tween it into  Eye Cany  either way! Somebody’s gonna be watchin! Get your own glimpse of these, also in yellow, as well as other footwear I or any other dude in his right mind would love to see you wearing!

Shawty.. This A 10!……

That is….  Blog number 10 ,and I’m glad I made it this far. This blogging thing is kinda hot, like writing  rhimes: Ideas flow, you entertain them, then you have a couple bars! I’ loving IT! I’ve had the chance to research different things for follow up on in the near future, just not sure of what yet.

Any how, A strong “WASSUP WASSUP” to Imported Eye Candy Studios and Dynasty Series for the vids and photos to make this thang flow oh so.. Weeeell! And of course Ms. Marisa Elise, and her fine ass. …Gaaaaaud! You C her up there. And I got hold of a new link for you to enjoy, as much as I did. Ay!…. Her smile is  pure and like white chocolate… Its a wrap, Beautiful, .

What’s to come next… Probably more scripts about ideas, everyday experiences, and unbelievable phenomena… Like Ms. Marisa Elise up there. I may also write on other issues that draw my interest that may spark yours. In any event, its been fun as hell.

In order to do soe justice for the subject, I had to attemtp to set this thing off right. I came across this shoe online whose profile was sleek, sexy, and demands eyes to address its fullness. (Yes, the shoe did. LOL) Dubbed the FLAMINGO-801T-3, 8″ Heel, 4″ PF Slide with UV Tubes. Immediately, what caught my attention was the lipstick red, boxing ring, rope ties that wrapped the heel affixed to the black platform base… It screamed “Bull in the Bedroom” all-day!  Eroticism, a la W.C.W !(Wild Crazy and…more “Wild”). And I’m sooo lovin that!

The Hayabusa sportsbike windshield bridge cover gave that sleek look  racy appeal and what would make this a possible Any-Day, Any-Way, Kinda-Play apparel which can be all incredibly convenient for the person receiving on both the giving and receiving ends of the  love.


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