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“Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of gum…”

That’s what I got coming this Christmas.Yet in no way, shape, or form am I expressing any sense of Scroogeness or bitterness. The time between now and the past few Christmas’ have been real life chall-anging (git your Dictionary out: 2013 writ-right there –Yeah!) . These experiences with hard earned and learned lessons to embrace. The most p935_parks-face-presencerevalent is family, the pinnacle of any relationship. Depending on what and where you come from, their presence is like wheel to gear, pancakes to surp, bras to cleavage, oil to pretty lime-scale/earth-rich skin tones, the number “23” to J’s…  A vital fragment to the very existence of our being. Many people are fortunate to have ties as abundant, and on the opposite end many aren’t, and the toll of a broken spirit often looms as close as the next breath.

For those like myself who walk a fine line dividing both ends of this spectrum; with loved ones whose bonds are timeless as well those affiliations with individuals that are either horrifically fractured or lost all together: It’s a moment to reflect about the next potential connection, and the countless possibilities they may present yet at the same time being mindful of how and where decisions of the past have left either parties questionable of what it is to be at peace. For those of us who have such benefits at an arms length, and those whose passions tunnel through the rifts and defy the dynamics of spatial relations: Hold your lady (if she’s there -and it goes both ways) and hug on the kids (should you still be fortunate to have them in your life and/or age not be a factor which prevents closeness). Enjoy the company you have and always seek opportunities for refineMEnt! Overall: Families be families.

And Oh Yeah: MErry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

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Eh?!.. What happens when your expectations go unmet -with people, services, and the like?
Is that woman/man the person you thought them to be, whether friend, classmate, co-worker,
or routine associate? How much thought goes into dealing with personal relationships as well
as business? Does how you meet play as much of a role as where you meet? Are conditions
always “perfect” when you group certain associations?What is perfect, and by whose
standards are they measured?

Those were a couple questions that came into thought while enjoying an aroma favorite, in a
mode I encounter throughout the course of any day during the week. Nothing particularly
significant about it… Just an ideal moment to recall the method of decision making of my own,
and others as they openly feel free to discuss. Ideally, a bottle of sumth’in would accompany
the diaogue, and discussions would spawn with excitement based on how concrete to points
touched to your own individual experience, or area of expertise.

The other day, it was brought to my attention of someone’s interest in this female. I knew little
of her, but found it difficult to just go with what that person claimed about her. Why? Again, it
goes back to what I mentioned at from start. The person making the case is cool, but I don’t know
ish really of either person to accept this one person’s individual perspective over any other’s.
It’s like somebody saying “oh, yeah, such-and-such is smashing your girl(lady), your man,
baby-mom’s, baby-father,wife or husband, or ex-wife or ex-husband”. Or “I heard this person has
beef with this other person”. First question that comes to mind is who is this source?
Then its like how, or why is this an issue for them? Some of these ig’nant people present the
“information” with a pretense of uncertainty when yet they themselves ar the crafters of the dilemma.
Then, why is it that they feel inclined to makesure not only it’s a valid issue for them,but it’s as
much of an issue, if not bigger, for you.

As much as I would like to get along with and/or work with everyone with whom I beleive success
could flourish from the connect, it is impossible.The reason include, phobias, egos, resentment,
jealousy, strife, and that’s just the brim of the glass. Hoate is hard to sour and it sours the distive
system, so spilt milk get cleaned up quite quickly… On my end atleast. Though I couragesly acknowledge
my fault when and only when its rightlfully sticks, you can’t get that from evryone else due to pride,
arrogance, and anything else that CRY-TEAR-IA.
Misery loves company, and they’re hiring at “C-BS”. Reality TV shows are a lucrative trend right
now, and the reality IS… That our existence may never change into the “ideal” society with no
crime, no injustice, or no real prospect for the future that spawn form disrespect, self-centeredness,
and faliure to view the 3D screen. Meeting someone “half-way” always sounds good but is crippling
when one person either stops short or even make a possible to reach a destination.

The question isn’t “Are we there yet?”… But “where, or what is “there”, and what it look like”?


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“The sky is falling, but yet my “FLY” ain’t fallen”…

Reaching out for greater strength, but yet whoami calling?

So often then the out-look is dim, so I must illuminate…

Survive and die inhaling AirGas and can’t pump the breaks.

“I can be in two diff‘rent places at one time….”

My “A GaMe  is on from sea level to the rise.

Long time coming or better yet I’ve been away…

Follow cups in any forecast; Light bright to  gray.

Where am I today or yet where will I be tomorrow…

Somewhere breathin’ in life and on exhale script a Picasso.

Seen alotta things… And heard alotta ISH

Pre-historic attitudes with big bones to pick!

My mindset is construction -Crane style so get a grip.

->So please forgive me for the fortress I made from the sticks, stones and bricks.

“Satisfaction “Yea their T’eed”; Tiger Hood throw’s them the birdie…

“Hate-On Collider but I’m a rider with all four horses on this  Journeeeey!


An ethical observation I noticed a criminal justice professional professional might encounter in carrying out their daily duties is a lack of analytical skills, and I’m not speaking in reference to attitude-Trust Me!

That relates to ANY criminal justice system professional who has to deal with ANY kind of data or record keeping and or processing, which is everyone. This is also applicable where they have been delegated by responsibility of the position in which they are hired and paid, as they signed when they took the job.

Because of such a strong lack of self work ethic, some have taken the capacity of their job lightly or for granted. What I have experienced is the lack of commitment to self professionalism. I recall being told by a customer service clerks from the courthouse to the DMV they didn’t know how exactly a computer system that they sit in front of 5-6 times a week, for 8 hours or more worked. Or understood information therein. But I also came to realize the gap in PC literacy for alot of individuals whom hold these positions. And so, there surfaces their uncomfortability even attempting to query anything beyond an individuals name and presents potential embarrassment to not only the entity, but them as a professional.

I don’t know what level of training is given.  But I know I’ve had to chase down tickets and court reords and the like in horrendous effort in attempting tasks these individuals GET PAID to do. I’ve had incorrect tickets, fines, and charges in the past I’ve had to resolve, and still do, at my own cost, because of a failures at multiple levels of administration, who gets paid to do it. And have been left to pay the fines, in resources of monetary and time. In turn, it has created a maze of endless confusion to where I’ve had to stop and think what “do they do all day”, “can they read”, or “who and where is quality control”? Quality Control It’s everywhere else that incorporates a system or service rendered to the general public and is held accountable for such errors that have even made it as far up as the Federal Courts. What extents are reached to ensure the innocence and faultless acts of some criminal justice professionals and the narrow lenience of grace extended to the general public who have been wrong by just that: the system.

Sure there exists an abstraction layer between the issuance of a citation or arrest, to actually standing before a judge. Yet if I am a individual attached to a file or docket, it should be a simple task to query the processing of the case and allow the checks and balances to be corrected WITHOUT impedances to the person, who then is really no criminal, but a victim, of the same laws that were suppose to hold him or her down.

While researching familiy unification, for the purposes of personal, academic, and professional knowledge base, I found that a significant number of criminal justice professionals occupy these positions who are one dimensioned when it involves being the needed key holder to open the doors of resources for male, female, and family units to escape homelessness. I have experienced countless US veterans, mental health, and others afflicted with this plague, unable to receive the adequate support for rehabilitation. The dynamic of some programs make it almost impossible to recover, almost crippling you lower into the present engulfing circumstance. You MIGHT get shleter, but it’s only for a 5 to 1 or 2 week period. Depending on the individulas circumstance, they may or may not be able to restable there entire life in 1 week, to think 5 days. It’s like that Allen Iverson “Practice” speel he did back in  2002:       

“We ain’t talking bout a camp out.. This is Homelessness Main! “

And some facility’s criteria make it as to where if you’r not drunk, high, or Fe*d up or on some other issue, you can’t get into ANY program. Some require you to remain idle and under restrictions that severely limit or hinder any method of reallistic recouperation from present conditions.  Some programs prohibit you from seeking work for as long as 6 months. Huh?! How can you look for work and remain effective in restabilization: They’re not looking for a job for you. They aren’t keeping up with your mental or overall health, as a network plan. They aren’t paying your past due bills. they are not keeping up with your family obligations… You are.  And it is everyone’s responsibility to do so. So I, speaking for the sake of example, have to show up at the door of a shelter or housing program, seeking assitance, only expecting to get it at ANY level is to be high and isht.. With my child.. For shelter services? YOU GOT ME Fe*k UP!  THEEEEEEN, homelessness won’t be my only issues… I’m looking at a case with DSS! I ain’t sign up for that, just help to shelter my daughter. There does exist favoritism and even some realms of prejudice. But I blame that on the people and the sytem that know those people are like that and allow them for decades to remain in the roles to deal with the general public who appearantly fail to notice the ever changing dynamic in the norms of society, even if they aren’t always positive… They’re right there in their face –{<SMACK!.

I have wondered what observations do they make and REALLy report to their superiors, if any, and what do THEY in turn do with these findings. Beside front as if the system is working. Do they have board meetings: Ones that #INCLUDE those who are affected and those who work to render services to the public at large? With the economy, to include jobloss and training or collegiate education being crippled, the future is looking pretty hosed right now. And with services lacking or unaccomodating, the future is pretty gruesome and unpromising.

I decided to pour it up in Kenny’s Alley at Underground Atlanta following a week of drillin out finals, I rashed on the keyboard. Banana Winds was just that… Banana’s. Me and the Unit exchanged salutations and went 151st in… Front line shit with with attractive bartenders and invites who perused through. Especially gorgeous with the Runway Waltz! It was another way to play in the A before making a trip I was certain to follow the next day!

After leaving the Underground bunker, I scurried to the MARTA 5 points station to await the1st railcar of the morning, maybe pick -up a hot cup of java, and skip to the bus depot. Still feeling the beats as they echoed in my head, particularly that 2Chains banger; I mean in deep motion, rockin like Grimlock to the almost hypnotic motivative incantation of (“I’m Ridin Round & I’m Gettin It”)**3 / It’s Mine – I Spend It”… Then somewhere midway of this wave-ridin, I feel off the train platform smash into the train track!!! I landed Hip 1st, go figure?! LMAO… Yes, I literally did just that when I got up! Funny thinkin ’bout it now. SO, climbing back onto the 5 Points platform, two Atlanta cops came and “politely” escorted me off the premises ’til the trains started again! The charge: you figure it out!

Since this little tumble, all I could do is try to recover. I got several massages, none like what I used to get back in Korea… I damn near live on Pusan Beach! But overall, it’s coming along good and making a speedy recovery. While relaxing at the neighbors, I caught the MTV’s HipHop POV show. I likes that right there, right there. 1st time catchin it since the astroplanin incidents. But all the hosts held star studded appeal, the interviews with Akon, Weezy, and ironically, 2Chains, were tastefully done, and seemed more personal and indepth. It had a grown-up appeal to it! And every time goldie honey chic bus-cuit shook her pretty hair locks, all I could think of was taking  shots! No disrespect Devi Dev, forgive me I am still recovering. And Charlamagne’s on everything these days, splat! Overall, I’m lookin for more on this potential hip-hop one of a kind.

This week, the usual: Class, work, and maybe get this swollen hand checked out… I need to soak it with one of them Majic City Milies. Or how bout them ladies at the “Off the Pole” auditions held this weekend at Kamal’s 21; An up and “coming “reality show about strippers changing the game by changing their life! Who knows, the dynamic is up in the air right now. I’m just tryin to make it with this leg right now! LOL

“But even in pain, We must grind… In order to sustain in heart and mind…” -Godda Get IT!”

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EH, it’s good to see things finally comin’ into order and be back into the business of the day to day! I mean, disruptions from the classroom to the office place; tryin to get a jist and handle on the problematic issues with family, particullary the yungin; And grindin’ it out lookin’ for the next bank heist: Come up, income opportunity, /etc., and so a new config has to be made somehow…  The past few weeks have been completely to the left, no shift intended! (Unless of course, you talkin bout the cash I been soliciting to Google for a new Satellite unit). And speakin’ of Cash ( expressed in the manner like the bad guy in Bad Boys movie), them folks at Goog placed on the iGoog frontpage Nikki Minaj’s “Beez in the Trap. Now cause of class, work, and other isht, this may not be New NU news for some.Aside from the flights, and sending and receiving broadcasts through air-ports, I’ve only been able to marvel at her mural-like cover where she’s been incredibly art-taste-cally portrayed like Lady Guinevere on the recent issue of Vibe. But, the video is S-P-F! The conclusion I’ve drawn is that there won’t be a female artist to come ‘round for a WHILE to surpass her pretty ass! And if there is for ANY reason what-so-Eva a “beef” with her any Lil Kim, of any kind, My perspective is this: Don’t Do That!

Her entire performance was phenomenal. The two-piece swim-suit ensemble was my personal favorite, and harmonized sharply with the “Neon, Git Your Green ON” hairpiece. But the cheetah print scale suit was also an eye catcher, and honestly, it was probably because of the manner she was rollin them hips… I cringed in excitement gawkin at her marmalade motif, flowing like a lava lamp! What chick right now is spittin and simultaneously ARPin(2).?!?!? I need a Nik-Snack!

The club scenes were embodying and what I particularly love bout this vid as well was she displayed the other female’s gloriatric (THAT>IS a real word) features to be displayed.2 Chains not only delivers the bars necessary, he does exactly what you need to do in the company of a chick like this: DO your thang  (Thuggie, Dub-Step or Whateva) and let her modelesque gorgeous ass stand there: And “Roman Be-Hold IT!” (Whooooo!)

P.S>>> While trying to find the right pic to set this article off with, I came across (whoa) a page of colorful, animations called Minajime’ (THAT(2)>IS a real word) @ HY!NICKIMINAJ. Enjoy Yourself.

This is a for a man I’ve seen give his entire being for years following what he believes, the pain that comes with the territory, and not taking into account the effects that would ultimately take toll on his own life!

I see you Tiyae: Keep Strong, I’m Praying for You!









Pics by LivingLego

I took a moment to speak with the guardian Deb “Dot” Phoenix when I just before my original return, in question if the transition through vast plasma packets may some how have altered or damaged any genetic mapping of my being… But verbal insurance was enough to satisfy any criteria that may have been found in what the this is understood here as HIPAA laws. Amongst the business of routine within the MED-EVAC module, we found the opportunity to reflect on the beauty of Chance; Its relativity to decision-making is identical if not one of the same.

The process of decision-making differs for everybody, depending upon the matter and parties involved. What I find most interesting is the short and long-term effects. I always place myself under scrutiny 1st , before outside circumstances or people in that case. Because that (Me) is the bestest example I can actually relate to openly and honestly, and examine with full cooperation. I ‘m not afraid to show or be who and what I am with others… I can’t say the same about others. And that goes with the territory of ideas, beliefs, and ambitions. Individuals make choices for what is right for them, you are just an accessory to an overall agenda. So who are you not to make moves that are in the best interest of yourself? Conflict I found arises when a choice is not what the next person would wants of you, or personal or business gain. So in turn, drama or objection surfaces as if were a crime, but it is really dis-satisfaction for not falling “in place” as another so desires. And it’s worse when some kind of agreement, by quotes or notes, has been breached…

The Most Updated Module was this:

0.)  Don’t expect too much of anything, but as move as the galaxy may grant you.

1.) REALLY try understand what people expect from you, and it still may not be what they want.

2.) Cause they say something, doesn’t exactly mean exactly “that”, and because they don’t say it doesn’t mean an assumption is justified! “Think.. A-Bout-It!”

3.) Overall, SAY WHAT YOU MEAN & MEAN WHAT YOU SAY: From experience, some things you just can’t “take back” or get the “do over” you so admirably desire or would better appreciate.

From People (And Family), jobs, homes, cars, opportunities…

4.) Accept and appreciate what you got and your feelings are “your” feelings.

5.)Be willing to HONESTLY hear and be heard, otherwise why bother.

Her Double “A” (Accepted and Approved)Diagnosis : Live, Learn, and Live Again!

Pic by Richard Branson

It’s been just over 8 days since my return. And I expected to get back to things, routine as they may have been, without any kind of obstacles whatsoeva. Yet, that was a false assumption. Following a return to a breathable atmosphere, recovery and treatment from Reflect-Spec Travel (New shit with light and water, don’t worry bout ‘dat,; The Galactic G Group set me up), readjusting myself to the day to day would be a smooth and painless transition.                                                                But something ain’t right…

I know I’ve been back in town for a lil while now…

And honestly, I believe I’ve been astro planing…. between here and an alternate or 5th dimension, clearing space and stretched out insidea time continnuEM…

At varying hours of the day, particularly at night.They ideas I’ve generated have created reason for me to assume I am somehow someway being mirrored, or I am acting as a place-holder, occupying a region of “space” that’s mine or shifts between my occupation or index and another. And if it’s not being occupied by me or another person or object, the area is re-alloacted to the original environment’s vector dimensions.




And during these times, awkward occurrences have taken place. Like watchin time go from what I consider your standard, high-def , play-by-play momentum, to a picture freeze frame; Where items within a frame of vision seem to digitally bind, or building the view right before my eyes and then at other times dissemble, or break down, in miniature block formations. The only thing that comes to mind, besides Tetris or Bubble Pop (LOL)…






Something from my studies in psychology class regarding the nervous system and depth perception or nystagmus. What I’m seeing is not really “pixel vision” but something of the sort?. The ideas I’ve entertained have created reason for me to believe I am somehow someway being mirrored, or I am acting as a place holder, occupying a region of “space” that’s mine or shifts between my occupation and another.


And if not being occupied by me or another person or object, the area is re-allocated to the original environment’s vector dimensions.

But the ladies are looking ever more richer than before. I don’t know if it because of the damn near 85-degree weather, but a good number of women I’ve encountered over the past few day were brilliantly glowing. I thought do I just sit and watch… Or shine and buff their glow. I-an’t know.

But something or someone is watchin over me, familiar yet unknown and/or undefined. 

Sounds wild huh?! Whooo! But enjoyable.  The purs-pective has been pretty entertaining all the while keeping a “I “C” Depth Around the Corner” type of persona. And now I am bracing myself for the weekend. Bear in mind anything can happen and Atlanta has embraces visitors of all types. I’m just trying to get through tonite!