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An ethical observation I noticed a criminal justice professional professional might encounter in carrying out their daily duties is a lack of analytical skills, and I’m not speaking in reference to attitude-Trust Me!

That relates to ANY criminal justice system professional who has to deal with ANY kind of data or record keeping and or processing, which is everyone. This is also applicable where they have been delegated by responsibility of the position in which they are hired and paid, as they signed when they took the job.

Because of such a strong lack of self work ethic, some have taken the capacity of their job lightly or for granted. What I have experienced is the lack of commitment to self professionalism. I recall being told by a customer service clerks from the courthouse to the DMV they didn’t know how exactly a computer system that they sit in front of 5-6 times a week, for 8 hours or more worked. Or understood information therein. But I also came to realize the gap in PC literacy for alot of individuals whom hold these positions. And so, there surfaces their uncomfortability even attempting to query anything beyond an individuals name and presents potential embarrassment to not only the entity, but them as a professional.

I don’t know what level of training is given.  But I know I’ve had to chase down tickets and court reords and the like in horrendous effort in attempting tasks these individuals GET PAID to do. I’ve had incorrect tickets, fines, and charges in the past I’ve had to resolve, and still do, at my own cost, because of a failures at multiple levels of administration, who gets paid to do it. And have been left to pay the fines, in resources of monetary and time. In turn, it has created a maze of endless confusion to where I’ve had to stop and think what “do they do all day”, “can they read”, or “who and where is quality control”? Quality Control It’s everywhere else that incorporates a system or service rendered to the general public and is held accountable for such errors that have even made it as far up as the Federal Courts. What extents are reached to ensure the innocence and faultless acts of some criminal justice professionals and the narrow lenience of grace extended to the general public who have been wrong by just that: the system.

Sure there exists an abstraction layer between the issuance of a citation or arrest, to actually standing before a judge. Yet if I am a individual attached to a file or docket, it should be a simple task to query the processing of the case and allow the checks and balances to be corrected WITHOUT impedances to the person, who then is really no criminal, but a victim, of the same laws that were suppose to hold him or her down.


EH, it’s good to see things finally comin’ into order and be back into the business of the day to day! I mean, disruptions from the classroom to the office place; tryin to get a jist and handle on the problematic issues with family, particullary the yungin; And grindin’ it out lookin’ for the next bank heist: Come up, income opportunity, /etc., and so a new config has to be made somehow…  The past few weeks have been completely to the left, no shift intended! (Unless of course, you talkin bout the cash I been soliciting to Google for a new Satellite unit). And speakin’ of Cash ( expressed in the manner like the bad guy in Bad Boys movie), them folks at Goog placed on the iGoog frontpage Nikki Minaj’s “Beez in the Trap. Now cause of class, work, and other isht, this may not be New NU news for some.Aside from the flights, and sending and receiving broadcasts through air-ports, I’ve only been able to marvel at her mural-like cover where she’s been incredibly art-taste-cally portrayed like Lady Guinevere on the recent issue of Vibe. But, the video is S-P-F! The conclusion I’ve drawn is that there won’t be a female artist to come ‘round for a WHILE to surpass her pretty ass! And if there is for ANY reason what-so-Eva a “beef” with her any Lil Kim, of any kind, My perspective is this: Don’t Do That!

Her entire performance was phenomenal. The two-piece swim-suit ensemble was my personal favorite, and harmonized sharply with the “Neon, Git Your Green ON” hairpiece. But the cheetah print scale suit was also an eye catcher, and honestly, it was probably because of the manner she was rollin them hips… I cringed in excitement gawkin at her marmalade motif, flowing like a lava lamp! What chick right now is spittin and simultaneously ARPin(2).?!?!? I need a Nik-Snack!

The club scenes were embodying and what I particularly love bout this vid as well was she displayed the other female’s gloriatric (THAT>IS a real word) features to be displayed.2 Chains not only delivers the bars necessary, he does exactly what you need to do in the company of a chick like this: DO your thang  (Thuggie, Dub-Step or Whateva) and let her modelesque gorgeous ass stand there: And “Roman Be-Hold IT!” (Whooooo!)

P.S>>> While trying to find the right pic to set this article off with, I came across (whoa) a page of colorful, animations called Minajime’ (THAT(2)>IS a real word) @ HY!NICKIMINAJ. Enjoy Yourself.

Yes siiir, I’m back at IT again…”

Its been a lil’ while now… But please forgive a man for attempting to “M-better” himself… Matter fact, I was doing just that. I was “A” drift, in my own Schema ‘things! …Experiencing [I/E]nt-erStellar Instances of Indulgence (Ugh!)… Before preparing myself for and working out the dynamics of returning from Space-Camp! Really, been there and back…

Sayin’ “Hood-bye” or “C you later” is never an easy thing, especially when to those who make such an impact. And when we touched down… WE TOUCHED DOWN!

While travelin’ her Gal-Axis Gateway:

There I was, Caught up in the Kor-nuc-opia of her Kisses…

Brushing against the boundaries of herButta-Finger…

The mental massages of her “Milky Way”…

Where a Lemon-Orange gel-Lap-tinous substance Ooo’ozed about me

Suspending ME in ani-Mate-ion, while I lay vibrating thru vectors of Venus.

…All the while, not paying attention as time slipped away-

Second by Second, Minute by Minute, Degree by Degree.

Quite a Bing Bang it was….

Here I am at present, that I can account for at least!

“Mean Green” Time: March 7, 2012. It’s one of the collegiate arena’s top tier events at bay: March Madness! This year, it’s held in New Orleans, and I wouldn’t mind  girl-friend inviting me for Gumbo, Jumbalaya,  or whateva Cajun Cusine she was willin to serve me. “You knooooow…. What can I say!” (Naughty by Nature, 1995)


AT&T got a block party, Coca Cola got bottles corkin’ off, anything can happen!

The next movie I’m trying to catch is “Think Like A Man”, a flick by Sony Pictures that includes a barrage of young talent that include the likes of Micheal Ealy, Teraji P. Henson (…And its STILL hard out here!), And two of my all-time favorite hunnies: Gabrielle Union, and Meagan “It Looks Soo” Good. The last movie I saw her in was “Jumping the Broom”, and she was doin’ he “It Looks Soo” Good thing!

Terrance J is in this one too…  moving on UP in the ‘Park!

You seen the trailer that has Rihanna squeezing off of the plasma cannon?!? Took me a minute to realize it was Battleship. ( ) Conflict between the volatile , vast volumes of oceanic waters and deep space, or is it ?!

Well, the clock reads one thing, and eye another.  Bout to vegg out, recover for lag, and get myself ready for the next GIG and half… I might get 5 hours of sleep.

Signing Off..

“A 1-2, A 1-2”…   Zak Gordon


It’s been an IN-CREDIBLE past week and though I was anxious to get it out… I didn’t wanna rush it gorgeous.
I DEF-initely want you to get something out of it too… I ain’t selfish, but I am Self-Fit!

We already in February… I mean damn! The year be over with next month! LOL
I swear that’s how 2011 went! And for 2012, February’s extended, it’s a leap year…
And just over the weekend, I was bout ready to leap on somebody’s ass (INSTEAD OF IN SUM), for attempting to deny my right to walk through any public facility I so choose to without being harassed… ESPECIALLY by those whose ass is on their shoulders! So there I was, posted up outside a particular facility awaiting some information about a career fair when…

Mister “Ass-Hill Rolley-Polley”..

“Slob Theez & Hush” or

“Git Punched In the Face or Denture-a”….

TELLS ME I can’t attend this function. I mean, dude was soooo ready, and adamant, to put a man down instead of lifting him up. “Not dressed like that”, he claimed, so readily offering rebuttals instead of solutions for the here and now. ESPECIALLY when employment opportunities are like stars and good women: FAR and FEW!  If that’s how you operate here, then today should be your last day I should get your position: HATAR! Why the ones who actually WORK, get caught up with the BS?!

Aside from that discouraging moment, form a social outlook in itself, the elements have been working at its finest! It’s damn near Spring and that means the Ladies will be “Or-or-orn” their Look Good all day every! Saturday, the weather was inviting,the malls and streets were packed with who and what? Them W-B’s: Women and shopping Bags! Atleast that’s what I was watching for! Damn looking at another hard leg, I’m trying to get it like YOU!
So there I am… While eating my bags of Onion Rings, I saw many “onions in rings”,  cliques of chicks… And I am in delight that this was the preamble of what was to come over the next few weeks, at an even greater array:

Flawless hair styles, “Panti”-fic perfumes and body sprays in float; Alluring, form-fitting and awe-inspired attire; Flourishing and flamboyant footwear; Beautiful smiles and seductively fun laughter… Daaayyyuum! Where are we, what month are we in again?!

Looking forward, couple flicks on the big screen out that you need to catch, like  Denzel Washington in “Safe House”- I can already see it’s another award winning role he’s going to rock out as usual. That’s what he do!!! Tyler Perry’s marketing campaign for his new movie “Good Deeds” has been incredibly strategized throughout the city and I am interested to see the hype behind such a well advertised feature. Star Wars is back on the Big Screen! You might be like “Again”, but EH?!… It’s 3D though!!!  Yet, some of them folks in there are scary enough in regular two-dimensional view.

Valentines Day is approaching and what can be said but if you got somebody, you fortunate! In fact, bless em every day up to the day… Get her a flower or a card… Make a reason for going to QTs…  And who knows, you might wanna keep doing it! And If you don’t have somebody, Hold Your Head Up!
STILL: C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-E !!!
Even if your lacking the TLC I can relate, in fact, I miss ’em too!!!
Lovin yourself is hardwork… BUT somebody gotta do it:
Why Not You?

ON THAT –> I’M GON’!    -ZAK

P.S.> Oh yea, a H.@.T.S. Off (Holla @The Streets) to D&B at Back2BIZ….
And to the team players, REAL fans, and winners of the New York Giants, the 2012 Superbowl Champs (Had Brady shook like Mobb Deep ’95!)

Courtesy of Singer’s Room (<–Click on the name to be connected to the link): This is a link with the dimensions of some of today’s Most Amazing Amazon’s in Entertainment today! I had to share it with the other admirers out there who are fans who see their beauty but didn’t know how these brick houses were built! A PLETHORA of females didn’t get posted but doesn’t mean they ain’t Hotcakin it! (Paula Patton, Jennifer Hudson, Jackie-O… Plus Rihanna gettin thick to with NO offense meant that baby!)

In fact, a few of ‘em in the group need to get together and make a “Ladies Night 2” track. Why not? When the music’s bangin’, it’s like a signal goes out to em like “Bring Em Out – Bring Em Out!!!

Courtesy Pageslap –> Eggo My Lego Waffles (I thought it was kinda comical myself.)

I thought it was kinda comical myself. -Z

Don’t confuse it wit laziness baby….

But I’ve been LAX’d over the past week, taking my time to do this thing right. Class, work, independent projects as this can be drainin’, and not dare to compare with those whose responsibilities are beyond my own. We beyond the halfway mark of the month… What’s 20-12 lookin like on your end? In effort to stayed geared for the changes, it’s been more of a mental fix than anything else. You know how people throw ISHT your direction… And depending upon where your heart’s at or what you’re about, you handled it how you handled it. But recently walkin across upon unstable waters, I was reminded of the remarkable concept that where there is Freshness, there is gonna be some “Fly”-ness… And so ofcourse, there’s gonna be some ISHT… It ain’t me, that Newton 1-3 (Wassup  HARRIS- Happy New Year Yung!)

And that spans a number of thresholds, those with it and those without. My family at Crossroads on Court St. Clyde & Jeeter seen it for years… And often remind me to deal with it like any other grain of salt: WIT TEQUILA… AND LUV IT!  Lol But On the Strato, this too shall pass… Weeds will grow in the garden right next to the roses! Classes at the “W” have me on some new–>NEW ISHT too! A recent project had students look at Criminology and the Criminal Justice Systems. It’s a love hate thing people, SO SERIOUSLY! It has me lookin closer these days at what these “Poly-SHIT-ans are doing up in the government districts… HUUUH?!?!?  Some folks may or may not be qualified for the positions they hold determining or rather facilitating an individuals freedoms -That’s sucks like snakes on eggs!!! If you don’t know what you’re doing: SAY SUMTHIN! If you dining somewhere with that female you finally got to agree to get out with you, without damn near harassing-slash-stalking her… And you spend you earned monies which you entrusted would got to good purposes, the chef’s, bartenders, and/or server’s salaries… YOU NEED THAT THING TO GO R-I-I-I-GHT!!! ESPECIALLY since it may be a highlight point to present as evidence for the need to “move into further proceedings”….YooUUU Kno-Ooow! It’s a Learn-WYN Thing! Again,it’s like the difference between a rainy day and sunny, no money and a tax refund, weak java and GOOD Coffee… Matter fact sweetness at Mc’D’s at 5 Points prepared a good-ass cup of coffee this morning. UGH! It was like oil straight from the tank or geyser -STRONG… WITH the cream sugar, and that can be difficult to do because then it’s not about the additives, it’s the coffee itself!

I’m looking forward to the events of the week corkin’ over the next few weeks: Museum Exhibits, Events at the Park, and movies like that new Denzel flick “Safe House”! These new roles he’s workin are creating more gems on film. Pacino (Scarface) got a new one with Deniro and Latham too but, it’s not comin to theater (suuucks)!

Nevertheless, our day to the day is a movie and it’s starring YOU! So…Play your role baby, PLAY-YOUR-ROOOOLLL!!!! -Non Angli sed Angel

Shawty.. This A 10!……

That is….  Blog number 10 ,and I’m glad I made it this far. This blogging thing is kinda hot, like writing  rhimes: Ideas flow, you entertain them, then you have a couple bars! I’ loving IT! I’ve had the chance to research different things for follow up on in the near future, just not sure of what yet.

Any how, A strong “WASSUP WASSUP” to Imported Eye Candy Studios and Dynasty Series for the vids and photos to make this thang flow oh so.. Weeeell! And of course Ms. Marisa Elise, and her fine ass. …Gaaaaaud! You C her up there. And I got hold of a new link for you to enjoy, as much as I did. Ay!…. Her smile is  pure and like white chocolate… Its a wrap, Beautiful, .

What’s to come next… Probably more scripts about ideas, everyday experiences, and unbelievable phenomena… Like Ms. Marisa Elise up there. I may also write on other issues that draw my interest that may spark yours. In any event, its been fun as hell.