“Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of gum…”

That’s what I got coming this Christmas.Yet in no way, shape, or form am I expressing any sense of Scroogeness or bitterness. The time between now and the past few Christmas’ have been real life chall-anging (git your Dictionary out: 2013 writ-right there –Yeah!) . These experiences with hard earned and learned lessons to embrace. The most p935_parks-face-presencerevalent is family, the pinnacle of any relationship. Depending on what and where you come from, their presence is like wheel to gear, pancakes to surp, bras to cleavage, oil to pretty lime-scale/earth-rich skin tones, the number “23” to J’s…  A vital fragment to the very existence of our being. Many people are fortunate to have ties as abundant, and on the opposite end many aren’t, and the toll of a broken spirit often looms as close as the next breath.

For those like myself who walk a fine line dividing both ends of this spectrum; with loved ones whose bonds are timeless as well those affiliations with individuals that are either horrifically fractured or lost all together: It’s a moment to reflect about the next potential connection, and the countless possibilities they may present yet at the same time being mindful of how and where decisions of the past have left either parties questionable of what it is to be at peace. For those of us who have such benefits at an arms length, and those whose passions tunnel through the rifts and defy the dynamics of spatial relations: Hold your lady (if she’s there -and it goes both ways) and hug on the kids (should you still be fortunate to have them in your life and/or age not be a factor which prevents closeness). Enjoy the company you have and always seek opportunities for refineMEnt! Overall: Families be families.

And Oh Yeah: MErry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

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