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Eh?!.. What happens when your expectations go unmet -with people, services, and the like?
Is that woman/man the person you thought them to be, whether friend, classmate, co-worker,
or routine associate? How much thought goes into dealing with personal relationships as well
as business? Does how you meet play as much of a role as where you meet? Are conditions
always “perfect” when you group certain associations?What is perfect, and by whose
standards are they measured?

Those were a couple questions that came into thought while enjoying an aroma favorite, in a
mode I encounter throughout the course of any day during the week. Nothing particularly
significant about it… Just an ideal moment to recall the method of decision making of my own,
and others as they openly feel free to discuss. Ideally, a bottle of sumth’in would accompany
the diaogue, and discussions would spawn with excitement based on how concrete to points
touched to your own individual experience, or area of expertise.

The other day, it was brought to my attention of someone’s interest in this female. I knew little
of her, but found it difficult to just go with what that person claimed about her. Why? Again, it
goes back to what I mentioned at from start. The person making the case is cool, but I don’t know
ish really of either person to accept this one person’s individual perspective over any other’s.
It’s like somebody saying “oh, yeah, such-and-such is smashing your girl(lady), your man,
baby-mom’s, baby-father,wife or husband, or ex-wife or ex-husband”. Or “I heard this person has
beef with this other person”. First question that comes to mind is who is this source?
Then its like how, or why is this an issue for them? Some of these ig’nant people present the
“information” with a pretense of uncertainty when yet they themselves ar the crafters of the dilemma.
Then, why is it that they feel inclined to makesure not only it’s a valid issue for them,but it’s as
much of an issue, if not bigger, for you.

As much as I would like to get along with and/or work with everyone with whom I beleive success
could flourish from the connect, it is impossible.The reason include, phobias, egos, resentment,
jealousy, strife, and that’s just the brim of the glass. Hoate is hard to sour and it sours the distive
system, so spilt milk get cleaned up quite quickly… On my end atleast. Though I couragesly acknowledge
my fault when and only when its rightlfully sticks, you can’t get that from evryone else due to pride,
arrogance, and anything else that CRY-TEAR-IA.
Misery loves company, and they’re hiring at “C-BS”. Reality TV shows are a lucrative trend right
now, and the reality IS… That our existence may never change into the “ideal” society with no
crime, no injustice, or no real prospect for the future that spawn form disrespect, self-centeredness,
and faliure to view the 3D screen. Meeting someone “half-way” always sounds good but is crippling
when one person either stops short or even make a possible to reach a destination.

The question isn’t “Are we there yet?”… But “where, or what is “there”, and what it look like”?


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“The sky is falling, but yet my “FLY” ain’t fallen”…

Reaching out for greater strength, but yet whoami calling?

So often then the out-look is dim, so I must illuminate…

Survive and die inhaling AirGas and can’t pump the breaks.

“I can be in two diff‘rent places at one time….”

My “A GaMe  is on from sea level to the rise.

Long time coming or better yet I’ve been away…

Follow cups in any forecast; Light bright to  gray.

Where am I today or yet where will I be tomorrow…

Somewhere breathin’ in life and on exhale script a Picasso.

Seen alotta things… And heard alotta ISH

Pre-historic attitudes with big bones to pick!

My mindset is construction -Crane style so get a grip.

->So please forgive me for the fortress I made from the sticks, stones and bricks.

“Satisfaction “Yea their T’eed”; Tiger Hood throw’s them the birdie…

“Hate-On Collider but I’m a rider with all four horses on this  Journeeeey!