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An ethical observation I noticed a criminal justice professional professional might encounter in carrying out their daily duties is a lack of analytical skills, and I’m not speaking in reference to attitude-Trust Me!

That relates to ANY criminal justice system professional who has to deal with ANY kind of data or record keeping and or processing, which is everyone. This is also applicable where they have been delegated by responsibility of the position in which they are hired and paid, as they signed when they took the job.

Because of such a strong lack of self work ethic, some have taken the capacity of their job lightly or for granted. What I have experienced is the lack of commitment to self professionalism. I recall being told by a customer service clerks from the courthouse to the DMV they didn’t know how exactly a computer system that they sit in front of 5-6 times a week, for 8 hours or more worked. Or understood information therein. But I also came to realize the gap in PC literacy for alot of individuals whom hold these positions. And so, there surfaces their uncomfortability even attempting to query anything beyond an individuals name and presents potential embarrassment to not only the entity, but them as a professional.

I don’t know what level of training is given.  But I know I’ve had to chase down tickets and court reords and the like in horrendous effort in attempting tasks these individuals GET PAID to do. I’ve had incorrect tickets, fines, and charges in the past I’ve had to resolve, and still do, at my own cost, because of a failures at multiple levels of administration, who gets paid to do it. And have been left to pay the fines, in resources of monetary and time. In turn, it has created a maze of endless confusion to where I’ve had to stop and think what “do they do all day”, “can they read”, or “who and where is quality control”? Quality Control It’s everywhere else that incorporates a system or service rendered to the general public and is held accountable for such errors that have even made it as far up as the Federal Courts. What extents are reached to ensure the innocence and faultless acts of some criminal justice professionals and the narrow lenience of grace extended to the general public who have been wrong by just that: the system.

Sure there exists an abstraction layer between the issuance of a citation or arrest, to actually standing before a judge. Yet if I am a individual attached to a file or docket, it should be a simple task to query the processing of the case and allow the checks and balances to be corrected WITHOUT impedances to the person, who then is really no criminal, but a victim, of the same laws that were suppose to hold him or her down.


While researching familiy unification, for the purposes of personal, academic, and professional knowledge base, I found that a significant number of criminal justice professionals occupy these positions who are one dimensioned when it involves being the needed key holder to open the doors of resources for male, female, and family units to escape homelessness. I have experienced countless US veterans, mental health, and others afflicted with this plague, unable to receive the adequate support for rehabilitation. The dynamic of some programs make it almost impossible to recover, almost crippling you lower into the present engulfing circumstance. You MIGHT get shleter, but it’s only for a 5 to 1 or 2 week period. Depending on the individulas circumstance, they may or may not be able to restable there entire life in 1 week, to think 5 days. It’s like that Allen Iverson “Practice” speel he did back in  2002:       

“We ain’t talking bout a camp out.. This is Homelessness Main! “

And some facility’s criteria make it as to where if you’r not drunk, high, or Fe*d up or on some other issue, you can’t get into ANY program. Some require you to remain idle and under restrictions that severely limit or hinder any method of reallistic recouperation from present conditions.  Some programs prohibit you from seeking work for as long as 6 months. Huh?! How can you look for work and remain effective in restabilization: They’re not looking for a job for you. They aren’t keeping up with your mental or overall health, as a network plan. They aren’t paying your past due bills. they are not keeping up with your family obligations… You are.  And it is everyone’s responsibility to do so. So I, speaking for the sake of example, have to show up at the door of a shelter or housing program, seeking assitance, only expecting to get it at ANY level is to be high and isht.. With my child.. For shelter services? YOU GOT ME Fe*k UP!  THEEEEEEN, homelessness won’t be my only issues… I’m looking at a case with DSS! I ain’t sign up for that, just help to shelter my daughter. There does exist favoritism and even some realms of prejudice. But I blame that on the people and the sytem that know those people are like that and allow them for decades to remain in the roles to deal with the general public who appearantly fail to notice the ever changing dynamic in the norms of society, even if they aren’t always positive… They’re right there in their face –{<SMACK!.

I have wondered what observations do they make and REALLy report to their superiors, if any, and what do THEY in turn do with these findings. Beside front as if the system is working. Do they have board meetings: Ones that #INCLUDE those who are affected and those who work to render services to the public at large? With the economy, to include jobloss and training or collegiate education being crippled, the future is looking pretty hosed right now. And with services lacking or unaccomodating, the future is pretty gruesome and unpromising.