EH, it’s good to see things finally comin’ into order and be back into the business of the day to day! I mean, disruptions from the classroom to the office place; tryin to get a jist and handle on the problematic issues with family, particullary the yungin; And grindin’ it out lookin’ for the next bank heist: Come up, income opportunity, /etc., and so a new config has to be made somehow…  The past few weeks have been completely to the left, no shift intended! (Unless of course, you talkin bout the cash I been soliciting to Google for a new Satellite unit). And speakin’ of Cash ( expressed in the manner like the bad guy in Bad Boys movie), them folks at Goog placed on the iGoog frontpage Nikki Minaj’s “Beez in the Trap. Now cause of class, work, and other isht, this may not be New NU news for some.Aside from the flights, and sending and receiving broadcasts through air-ports, I’ve only been able to marvel at her mural-like cover where she’s been incredibly art-taste-cally portrayed like Lady Guinevere on the recent issue of Vibe. But, the video is S-P-F! The conclusion I’ve drawn is that there won’t be a female artist to come ‘round for a WHILE to surpass her pretty ass! And if there is for ANY reason what-so-Eva a “beef” with her any Lil Kim, of any kind, My perspective is this: Don’t Do That!

Her entire performance was phenomenal. The two-piece swim-suit ensemble was my personal favorite, and harmonized sharply with the “Neon, Git Your Green ON” hairpiece. But the cheetah print scale suit was also an eye catcher, and honestly, it was probably because of the manner she was rollin them hips… I cringed in excitement gawkin at her marmalade motif, flowing like a lava lamp! What chick right now is spittin and simultaneously ARPin(2).?!?!? I need a Nik-Snack!

The club scenes were embodying and what I particularly love bout this vid as well was she displayed the other female’s gloriatric (THAT>IS a real word) features to be displayed.2 Chains not only delivers the bars necessary, he does exactly what you need to do in the company of a chick like this: DO your thang  (Thuggie, Dub-Step or Whateva) and let her modelesque gorgeous ass stand there: And “Roman Be-Hold IT!” (Whooooo!)

P.S>>> While trying to find the right pic to set this article off with, I came across (whoa) a page of colorful, animations called Minajime’ (THAT(2)>IS a real word) @ HY!NICKIMINAJ. Enjoy Yourself.