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This is a for a man I’ve seen give his entire being for years following what he believes, the pain that comes with the territory, and not taking into account the effects that would ultimately take toll on his own life!

I see you Tiyae: Keep Strong, I’m Praying for You!









Pics by LivingLego


I took a moment to speak with the guardian Deb “Dot” Phoenix when I just before my original return, in question if the transition through vast plasma packets may some how have altered or damaged any genetic mapping of my being… But verbal insurance was enough to satisfy any criteria that may have been found in what the this is understood here as HIPAA laws. Amongst the business of routine within the MED-EVAC module, we found the opportunity to reflect on the beauty of Chance; Its relativity to decision-making is identical if not one of the same.

The process of decision-making differs for everybody, depending upon the matter and parties involved. What I find most interesting is the short and long-term effects. I always place myself under scrutiny 1st , before outside circumstances or people in that case. Because that (Me) is the bestest example I can actually relate to openly and honestly, and examine with full cooperation. I ‘m not afraid to show or be who and what I am with others… I can’t say the same about others. And that goes with the territory of ideas, beliefs, and ambitions. Individuals make choices for what is right for them, you are just an accessory to an overall agenda. So who are you not to make moves that are in the best interest of yourself? Conflict I found arises when a choice is not what the next person would wants of you, or personal or business gain. So in turn, drama or objection surfaces as if were a crime, but it is really dis-satisfaction for not falling “in place” as another so desires. And it’s worse when some kind of agreement, by quotes or notes, has been breached…

The Most Updated Module was this:

0.)  Don’t expect too much of anything, but as move as the galaxy may grant you.

1.) REALLY try understand what people expect from you, and it still may not be what they want.

2.) Cause they say something, doesn’t exactly mean exactly “that”, and because they don’t say it doesn’t mean an assumption is justified! “Think.. A-Bout-It!”

3.) Overall, SAY WHAT YOU MEAN & MEAN WHAT YOU SAY: From experience, some things you just can’t “take back” or get the “do over” you so admirably desire or would better appreciate.

From People (And Family), jobs, homes, cars, opportunities…

4.) Accept and appreciate what you got and your feelings are “your” feelings.

5.)Be willing to HONESTLY hear and be heard, otherwise why bother.

Her Double “A” (Accepted and Approved)Diagnosis : Live, Learn, and Live Again!

Pic by Richard Branson

It’s been just over 8 days since my return. And I expected to get back to things, routine as they may have been, without any kind of obstacles whatsoeva. Yet, that was a false assumption. Following a return to a breathable atmosphere, recovery and treatment from Reflect-Spec Travel (New shit with light and water, don’t worry bout ‘dat,; The Galactic G Group set me up), readjusting myself to the day to day would be a smooth and painless transition.                                                                But something ain’t right…

I know I’ve been back in town for a lil while now…

And honestly, I believe I’ve been astro planing…. between here and an alternate or 5th dimension, clearing space and stretched out insidea time continnuEM…

At varying hours of the day, particularly at night.They ideas I’ve generated have created reason for me to assume I am somehow someway being mirrored, or I am acting as a place-holder, occupying a region of “space” that’s mine or shifts between my occupation or index and another. And if it’s not being occupied by me or another person or object, the area is re-alloacted to the original environment’s vector dimensions.




And during these times, awkward occurrences have taken place. Like watchin time go from what I consider your standard, high-def , play-by-play momentum, to a picture freeze frame; Where items within a frame of vision seem to digitally bind, or building the view right before my eyes and then at other times dissemble, or break down, in miniature block formations. The only thing that comes to mind, besides Tetris or Bubble Pop (LOL)…






Something from my studies in psychology class regarding the nervous system and depth perception or nystagmus. What I’m seeing is not really “pixel vision” but something of the sort?. The ideas I’ve entertained have created reason for me to believe I am somehow someway being mirrored, or I am acting as a place holder, occupying a region of “space” that’s mine or shifts between my occupation and another.


And if not being occupied by me or another person or object, the area is re-allocated to the original environment’s vector dimensions.

But the ladies are looking ever more richer than before. I don’t know if it because of the damn near 85-degree weather, but a good number of women I’ve encountered over the past few day were brilliantly glowing. I thought do I just sit and watch… Or shine and buff their glow. I-an’t know.

But something or someone is watchin over me, familiar yet unknown and/or undefined. 

Sounds wild huh?! Whooo! But enjoyable.  The purs-pective has been pretty entertaining all the while keeping a “I “C” Depth Around the Corner” type of persona. And now I am bracing myself for the weekend. Bear in mind anything can happen and Atlanta has embraces visitors of all types. I’m just trying to get through tonite!

Yes siiir, I’m back at IT again…”

Its been a lil’ while now… But please forgive a man for attempting to “M-better” himself… Matter fact, I was doing just that. I was “A” drift, in my own Schema ‘things! …Experiencing [I/E]nt-erStellar Instances of Indulgence (Ugh!)… Before preparing myself for and working out the dynamics of returning from Space-Camp! Really, been there and back…

Sayin’ “Hood-bye” or “C you later” is never an easy thing, especially when to those who make such an impact. And when we touched down… WE TOUCHED DOWN!

While travelin’ her Gal-Axis Gateway:

There I was, Caught up in the Kor-nuc-opia of her Kisses…

Brushing against the boundaries of herButta-Finger…

The mental massages of her “Milky Way”…

Where a Lemon-Orange gel-Lap-tinous substance Ooo’ozed about me

Suspending ME in ani-Mate-ion, while I lay vibrating thru vectors of Venus.

…All the while, not paying attention as time slipped away-

Second by Second, Minute by Minute, Degree by Degree.

Quite a Bing Bang it was….

Here I am at present, that I can account for at least!

“Mean Green” Time: March 7, 2012. It’s one of the collegiate arena’s top tier events at bay: March Madness! This year, it’s held in New Orleans, and I wouldn’t mind  girl-friend inviting me for Gumbo, Jumbalaya,  or whateva Cajun Cusine she was willin to serve me. “You knooooow…. What can I say!” (Naughty by Nature, 1995)


AT&T got a block party, Coca Cola got bottles corkin’ off, anything can happen!

The next movie I’m trying to catch is “Think Like A Man”, a flick by Sony Pictures that includes a barrage of young talent that include the likes of Micheal Ealy, Teraji P. Henson (…And its STILL hard out here!), And two of my all-time favorite hunnies: Gabrielle Union, and Meagan “It Looks Soo” Good. The last movie I saw her in was “Jumping the Broom”, and she was doin’ he “It Looks Soo” Good thing!

Terrance J is in this one too…  moving on UP in the ‘Park!

You seen the trailer that has Rihanna squeezing off of the plasma cannon?!? Took me a minute to realize it was Battleship. ( ) Conflict between the volatile , vast volumes of oceanic waters and deep space, or is it ?!

Well, the clock reads one thing, and eye another.  Bout to vegg out, recover for lag, and get myself ready for the next GIG and half… I might get 5 hours of sleep.

Signing Off..

“A 1-2, A 1-2”…   Zak Gordon