It was 1985 when

Whitney Houston

(8/9/1963 – 2/11/2012)

expressed her feelings through song that “children are the future”, a statement iconically voiced in the #1 Billboard smash “Greatest Love of All”. And as it was then a challenge for youth to become hopeful and positive for that unseen future with momentous and inspiring events such as Arthur Ashe is named to International Tennis Hall of Fame, Michael Jordan named NBA Rookie of Year, Michael Jackson buys ATV Music (every Beatle songs) for $47 million, ABC Sports announcing sportscaster Howard Cosell will no longer be providing television commentary on this day in history, and warring Lebanese Moslem & Christian leaders sign peace agreement; efforts to establish an world for children to develop into “healthy” human beings is an ongoing battle. But improvements in the areas of technology have made earth-shaking impacts in the growth of young minds, offering rich advantages to those who desire and are able to embrace the digital dimension. ut with these ideas at foot, there are the unfortunate circumstances that surface due to inhuman, cruel intentions that can stem from the hearts of men(women).


For instance, Meagan Meyer was a 13 year old who was mislead into believing someone whom she met online, a boy, was interested in her. When she received word that he was not, or rather rejected further interest in being her friend, she hung herself in her bedroom closet. Her mother found her body several moments following the suicide, calling police yet her young soul had left her body leaving many, to include her parents and investigators with many questions.


What was even more misleading was the fact that the boy actually didn’t exist. He identity was a MySpace page created by adult neighbors who lived in the same neighborhood, in fact several homes away, and were in fact familiar with the Meier family. They claim that they used this fake profile to somehow boost Meagan’s self esteem and confidence, which was a poor choice of method to use. If anything, positive reinforcement from REAL family and friends is always the best solution. Other means leaves the possibility of confusion, which can easily, as this situation displays, grow beyond the management.


Knowledge of adult participation in the matters leading to Meagan’s death came to surface by another parent, who says her daughter was invited to participate in slandering Meagan’s image. The daughter, while in a carpool, had knowledge of the faulty account and at the same time believed it was okay since the adults were doing it.  The same adults admit to creating the fake account to find out what was supposedly being said about her own daughter by Meagan.


There were no charges brought against that family posing as the boy. Yet there have been an attempts to link the family with wire fraud, which I originally believed only related to monetary values. But following review of the USAM Title 9 Criminal Resource Manual (CRM) 941, the medium for wire fraud not only has to involve interstate telephone or electronic communication (941 18 U.S.C. 1342), the loss doesn’t have to only involve or is limited to money (972).


Arguments could surface involving CRM 941 18 U.S.C. 1342 where it stipulates interstate communication where (CRM 953) states there is no offense if the wire communications are intrastate. That could be countered by using a computer network utility or program (traceroute) to observe data or frame packets traversing a network or loss. Should one happen to leave the state, then here is your interstate wire communication violation in reference to (941 18 U.S.C. 1342). The parents who set up the fake account should be charged with child endangerment for coercing the child’s participation in a cyber-bullying, and apply cyber-stalking charges to the adults.


I commend the parents for actively taking part in their child’s online activity, especially on social networks where the interaction where the profiles of individuals spans multiple age groups and ethnic backgrounds. It’s unfortunate what happened to their daughter and it’s possible to occur within any home in the United States. Though technology is a powerful tool, it’s wielding forces are continuously needing to be improved



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