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“He who believes that new benefits will call cause great personages to forget old injuries is deceived….”

-Niccolo Machievelli

The 1st month of the year is just about at a close. Aside from a couple of folks whom shared their expectations, I went into 2012 without making ANY resolutions. Commonly its basis is the improvement on mistakes  made within the previous 12 months. Needless to say, it’s common to seek improvement because the need and desire for growth are necessary.

The quote above brought me into immediate dawning of reflection of choices I’ve made in the past: the good, the bad, and the unknown. What I took away was that the past is a point of reference of how to (&&) how not to do somethings. Failure in the past doesn’t necessarily mean failure in future efforts, just that the particular steps taken may not be the ones to follow going forward. You don’t want to second guess yourself, but you do want to make indigestible choices. The feelings of pain of discomfort pass if you want them to. And a valuable first step is wanting to move forward!

I see life as the unfolding of the current state of circumstances of choices or decisions from the past. Not a dictionary definition but it works for me. Choices made can have a domino effect and the impact can leave impressions of various type, “passion marks” or bruises, that last well beyond the relationship themselves. Though changing the past is the impossible (for now), the future is a like a rhime that’s yet to be penned, a book that’s yet to be written, or masterpiece bubblin in the creative juices of the artist yet to be rendered! And to bring matters even more to your favor, you actually can make the difference you seek! Improving conditions of how you live, money, investments… U RUN THAT!

And with this idea, it’s possible to make ammends in all ares of your life: Money, education, relationships with your Ex… F4 real tho! <-LOL.      And it’s not necessarily about being liked by everybody, but handling my affairs (though I didn’t cheat on her, that’s besides the point). And not saying that means rekindling a flame Because HERE is where I AM…



Can I touch you right there Sexy?!

It’s not a trick question… But having dollars to “make it rain” at entertainment venues from your local bar to an exclusive night club can make A-A-ALL the difference regarding what kind of night you have. A coupe drinks or a bottle could get you a phone number … At least… Maybe.  Again depends upon the type of venue. That may not have been the ideal example to start with, but it was a play on wording. A little bit of humor for the flow of the paper.

What I find the bigger issue is how do you define better? We have already established “you” as being oneself or another. But better can sway different directions. Money can make you, or someone else, in a better position to take of issues pertaining to his or her life that require just that, money. Can’t pay your phone bill, it gets cut off and now you can’t stay in contact with family, friends, loved ones, job leads, business contacts, or any and everything that requires you to have a phone line. These days, particularly with cell phones with smartphone technology, you don’t just lose touch with people and voices, but the digital world and lifestyle as a whole. You can’t access “cloud corners” and sync between FB, Twitter, Flicker, and the like.

But pay your bill, and you still have access to checking up or in with fam, you can get at the hunny whom you waited patiently to get the number from, you can probe new career opportunities, follow up on a job lead, call the radio station and make a request… And you’re still connected to the V6 too! Or consider have no money to pay for a birthday party or a simple f*&%g gift ? That’s ass. Or having just enough in your pocket to make it a few days to weeks and you’re getting let go from your “place of employment”. That’s some rocky mess. But with money, stable income really, that can be water under the bridge.

Having money can also make one worse, the complete opposite. How, I really don’t know or can elaborate on particularly. Again, any means of elaborating, be it speaking or writing, my source is from my own perspective and know I need money to better improve the conditions of how and where live, how I take care of family, and fulfill the other inadequacies I face… How am I going to stay in school when I am either in the streets, the shelters, some abandoned garage or gas station, or anywhere else there are at least 4 walls to keep warm… Huh, from the right chick, two would be fiiine! LOL There goes that humor again. But speaking on that note, if I can’t even put gas in a chick’s gas tank, even $10, when I know prices are high as the sun itself… How I’m going to expect her to come scoop me up->I don’t drive. ? Right now, I’m a MARTA Man, and there are times I am proud of it! And at others, like accessing job opportunities beyond its accessible routes, it becomes limited as any other medium -it just doesn’t work.

Money IS A THANG for me right now and it does affect embetterment of myself economically and in turn takes a toll, wit’ no cookie, upon my social endeavors, as it would anyone else. So for those who struggle to get money as hard as they struggle not to be broke: GET IT HOW YOU LIVE!!!!

Salute to myalteregoinprocess for the pic!

Courtesy of Singer’s Room (<–Click on the name to be connected to the link): This is a link with the dimensions of some of today’s Most Amazing Amazon’s in Entertainment today! I had to share it with the other admirers out there who are fans who see their beauty but didn’t know how these brick houses were built! A PLETHORA of females didn’t get posted but doesn’t mean they ain’t Hotcakin it! (Paula Patton, Jennifer Hudson, Jackie-O… Plus Rihanna gettin thick to with NO offense meant that baby!)

In fact, a few of ‘em in the group need to get together and make a “Ladies Night 2” track. Why not? When the music’s bangin’, it’s like a signal goes out to em like “Bring Em Out – Bring Em Out!!!

Courtesy Pageslap –> Eggo My Lego Waffles (I thought it was kinda comical myself.)

I thought it was kinda comical myself. -Z

I was JUST at the spot (Banana Wind) tryin to wind  down from the week a bit. Enroute, I picked up a bag of those new Hot flavored Onion Rings, stopped through Legends Barbershop on Alabama Ave. and picked up a recent copy of RollingOut. Terrance Howard, whose televison film credits include “The Jacksons: An American Dream” and “Ray” was GQin’ the cover.

So there I was, eatig rice and peas from the restaurant FootPrints adjacent to the location, sipping Ciroc reading about the controversy surrounding George Lucas’ efforts to find funding to support for the movie project Red Tails ,which was described by several sources to include, as a project of passion. The story line details the history, or rather the strategic efforts of the Tuskegee Airmen, an elite, African-American fighter squadron of the 15th Airforce. The focus was said to be more so about their heroic efforts and not so much the barriers overcome of segregation in Armed Forces.It’s said Lucus forked out somewhere between $50 -$100 million out-the-pocket to see this thing come to life. Eventually, 20th Cenury Fox later got onboard for distribution. Let it be known that yea, G. Lucus GOT money, if it’s even justifable to call it that when you consider the generated revenues of all the new Star Wars episodes. BUT, here’s my dilemma….

How is it Lucas would experience a problem with Hollywood financiers wth funding a film about about the history that helped mold this nation? And he’s a Vietnam Vet. I bet “Saving Private Ryan” with Tom Hanks didn’t get any slack with funding, and he didn’t even serve in the miltary. In fact, he didn’t even show up to be pinned an “honorary” U.S .Ranger… Huh?!

Bruce Willis too – he ain’t served! And I like Bruce Willis, particulary for playing the numerous military-oriented roles which I bet  experienced no probem with financing. I’m just pointing out what is known and has been put out by others that black film is subjected to so much bullISHT criticism and as a result fading from the big screen.  They’ll make a movie bout some bullISHT in a minute. Flying dragons, tslking dogs, castles with gargoyles, kiddie-ass magicians… And honestly, alot of these plots lately have been really lame. But a film about real content, are far and few.

I mean, I’ll get over it-HAVE TO! But it’s sad when the face of ignorance peeks thorugh the veil of everday. I’m not picking out pieces, just trying to understand this puzzle. You have to read the story yourself. Click the link here or above: 

Til Next Time… Stay Fly 4eva! 

Don’t confuse it wit laziness baby….

But I’ve been LAX’d over the past week, taking my time to do this thing right. Class, work, independent projects as this can be drainin’, and not dare to compare with those whose responsibilities are beyond my own. We beyond the halfway mark of the month… What’s 20-12 lookin like on your end? In effort to stayed geared for the changes, it’s been more of a mental fix than anything else. You know how people throw ISHT your direction… And depending upon where your heart’s at or what you’re about, you handled it how you handled it. But recently walkin across upon unstable waters, I was reminded of the remarkable concept that where there is Freshness, there is gonna be some “Fly”-ness… And so ofcourse, there’s gonna be some ISHT… It ain’t me, that Newton 1-3 (Wassup  HARRIS- Happy New Year Yung!)

And that spans a number of thresholds, those with it and those without. My family at Crossroads on Court St. Clyde & Jeeter seen it for years… And often remind me to deal with it like any other grain of salt: WIT TEQUILA… AND LUV IT!  Lol But On the Strato, this too shall pass… Weeds will grow in the garden right next to the roses! Classes at the “W” have me on some new–>NEW ISHT too! A recent project had students look at Criminology and the Criminal Justice Systems. It’s a love hate thing people, SO SERIOUSLY! It has me lookin closer these days at what these “Poly-SHIT-ans are doing up in the government districts… HUUUH?!?!?  Some folks may or may not be qualified for the positions they hold determining or rather facilitating an individuals freedoms -That’s sucks like snakes on eggs!!! If you don’t know what you’re doing: SAY SUMTHIN! If you dining somewhere with that female you finally got to agree to get out with you, without damn near harassing-slash-stalking her… And you spend you earned monies which you entrusted would got to good purposes, the chef’s, bartenders, and/or server’s salaries… YOU NEED THAT THING TO GO R-I-I-I-GHT!!! ESPECIALLY since it may be a highlight point to present as evidence for the need to “move into further proceedings”….YooUUU Kno-Ooow! It’s a Learn-WYN Thing! Again,it’s like the difference between a rainy day and sunny, no money and a tax refund, weak java and GOOD Coffee… Matter fact sweetness at Mc’D’s at 5 Points prepared a good-ass cup of coffee this morning. UGH! It was like oil straight from the tank or geyser -STRONG… WITH the cream sugar, and that can be difficult to do because then it’s not about the additives, it’s the coffee itself!

I’m looking forward to the events of the week corkin’ over the next few weeks: Museum Exhibits, Events at the Park, and movies like that new Denzel flick “Safe House”! These new roles he’s workin are creating more gems on film. Pacino (Scarface) got a new one with Deniro and Latham too but, it’s not comin to theater (suuucks)!

Nevertheless, our day to the day is a movie and it’s starring YOU! So…Play your role baby, PLAY-YOUR-ROOOOLLL!!!! -Non Angli sed Angel

Peace is not just a state, but an ongoing process. Whether its  on a global scale or in our own individual lives. It’s an evolution that cycles through a period of time and the space is infinite. The growth is always being tested by those whom don’t believe or feel there is no reason to.

Ironically, they will have no choice but to see the change. Let’s Keep, Keep ON!!!

It’s a New, NEW Year…
The first few days of 2012 in Atlanta were so unpredictable, that’s a given.
The 1st was was like indian summer; A warm afternoon with plenty of sunshine and offered alot of hope and wishful thinking
of a mild winter where there would be tempeartures in the 50-60 degree range. This would be ideal for a number of businesses.
And with new season is afoot the natives are restless, hungry for success in the new era… Speaking of which, I need a new fitted.

The 2nd was ridiculously breezy, no Covergirl. The day time winds were cold as a broken hearted woman on Jack Frost’s lap! Brr! The only warmth was from the voice from this stallion of a woman I met recently picking up her phone to talk to Yung! And she’s Grade A-Dean’s List! The offset, was honey at MickD’s who really wasn’t trying to give me her number. I told her I was about building something for the new year, and input was good. She responded, though she made several attempt not to give eye
contact too long yet her interest was peaked from the approach. She explained her situ-AAA-tion… AND declined. It’s OK…
Maybe next time, when she doesn’t have her face buried in apple pies.

The 3rd was like “Ground Hogs” day for the haters… Huh, I mean they showed up and showed out EARLY! Had to lay they shovel on ’em REAL quick though, just to be in sync with what we are dealing with on a day to day: IG’NANCE; Nothing new, just cycles! And I’m certain it wasn’t me, considering how hectic organization has been. I sat up the night before preparing another piece and fighting with a heater which had a short, really a full blown gash in the power cord. My only options were freeze from the 20 below temps outside or pull some “A-Team, B.A. Barrackus” move, finding a penny to fill the gash and wrap it it with electrical tape. Outcome: I got on with my B.A.! (Note: Kids Don’t Try This @ Home & Stay in School!)

The 4th day I was on my EPMD -Back to Business. Checking into the Duebla-Vey (The “W”-Westwood) to get isht right for the upcoming spring semester… And I STILL don’t have a major, only a release! LOL

But through it all, I was excited to have the opp again to communicate across the W3, one of my favorite hang out spots aside from local premises like The Underground (Banana Wind, You the Star, Happy Feet -Stand Up!), Lenox, the Library… Or walking through Centenniel to watch hunnies ice skate, all of which I found myself prior to New Years. Nonetheless, it’s good to be back at it again.

I’m looking forward to new advances in fashion, music, technology, and politics. With Obeezy beasting it out baggin and taggin bin Laden and bringing troops home, every tech giant pushing tablets, crazy collabo’s, women’s rooster-head cuts and heels -with no heels… WTF?!  I mean… What’s really left under the cork?!

Whateva it is I’m trying to stay abreast (Huh… breasts)… For Richer or Poorer…     For it’s Sickness (Eew!) and Hell-th(That fye)! But with sketchy forecasts and our own familiarity, here are…

“My Top $5 Things To Look For in 2012” :
1. The New Season of “The Game”: If you’ve never seen it, quit playin: B-E-T!
2.Ice Cube’s newest Friday movie (What’s it called, “Friday 2weeks from Now”… Seriously, I DON’T KNOW!)
3.The return of “In Living Colour” with Jamie Foxx; The original launched careers; Carey, Foxx himself, the Wayans of course!
4.The iPhone or iPad to start walking, whichever first.
5. Spring Break and Summer 2012 Concert Series.

Top 5 Possibles of 2012:
1. Another Transformers Movie; Some top bots that haven’t hit the big screen yet, like the big homie Grimlock! And Tyrese should be a Captain by now… Promote a brother!
2. Another Scarface Album (A track with him and Bun B. would be torch right now!)                                                                                                            3.The cure for AIDS released to the public… Lets just promise not to take advantage! 4.Tickets to the BET Music Awards (I’ma Holla at EVERYTHING movin’ -Business n     Buscuits (Hello ME)!                                                                                                                                                   5. Alien Life. Finding these new planets and no life, come on now! Lol

Aeh, class’s started… Top Grade People!!!!

-ZAK Inkjar